Context sentences - why?

a) complex context sentences are shown at level 1 vocab, which is weird but apparently isn’t an unknown issue, judging be another thread?
b) what ARE these sentences xD I’ve always wondered, why are most of them so weird? They aren’t even used as mnemonics! Or are they supposed to?

(btw i just leveled up and am super proud)


There’s always at least one simple sentence. It doesn’t hurt to have more complex ones as well. Usually, the English sentence can give insight into the usage of the word even if you can’t understand the Japanese.

Like, if the English word you learned for the item was “application,” the context sentences should make it clear if it was a computer app, a form you fill out to enter something, or a topical medicine treatment or something.

Yes, Tofugu likes to make crazy sentences, because that’s just their style.


Exactly what Leebo said. Another reason why I always read the example sentences is because sometimes they contain interesting expressions that are worth remembering. A recent one I’ve seen is 鼻が高い (to be proud of someone).


Another gem:
At 8 am, let’s meet naked on Bald Mountain.

But this gets me wondering. If mt. Fuji is うじさん, why (techically speaking) mt. Bald would be an example for mountain read as やま?
I’m probably misunderstanding things since I don’t know any of the words there ‘-’ “”

やま is the kun’yomi of 山 but さん is the on’yomi, but i’m not sure which you should use when it’s come to name.


Mountains with 山 in the name can be さん, ざん (for instance in 比叡山 Mount Hiei), or やま. It just depends on the original name of the mountain.


Got it!:slight_smile: Thank you for clearing it up.

Or, more rarely, せん, as in 弥山 on Miyajima.


(Here.) I had to look this up in a Japanese / Japanese dictionary to make sure Koichi wasn’t pulling my leg.


I was completely ignoring those sentences until level 8 I think. Then I’ve installed couple of scripts


The first one blurrs over English translation. The second one let you play google translate audio, and adds colors to kanjis. So now I listen to them and trying to translate some small parts. Still very far away from being able read them on my own.

And yes, most of them are not serious. It’s just Tofugu brand.


Log out/relogin to forum to reflect new level :slight_smile:

Thanks or the tips!:slight_smile: I’m afraid my browser will just die if I add more scripts (i do have quite a few already lol), but I’ll try and use those.
(if you can’t easily read the sentences at lvl 10, what I can do insert nervous laughing)
Doesn’t the level change when you do a lesson with materials from it? I haven’t done any yet. Maybe I should:/

@Chaly yeah they are weird and didn’t read them either way to difficult. It would have been nice to have easy sentences at early levels. Congrats on reaching level 2.

@sansarret Thank you for advising those scripts, this will really help.


Forums (Discourse) does not sync with WaniKani all the time, so once you level-up in WK, your avatar does not show it right away, and relogin to forums fixes this. That’s all.

I believe you can get to Level 60 on WK and still not be able to translate anything, if you do not touch grammar. At the moment for me grammar is much worst than kanji.

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Ohhh, missed opportunity to try and reach lvl 60 while having lvl 1 in the forums xD

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i’ll hit 15 tomorrow, yet the forums show me as 13. idgaf :wink:

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