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I was reading the Respecting Subscription Restrictions in the Wanikani API documentation page, and I it gave me the idea that not having an active subscription will not grant you access to the subjects content, right? (like mnemonics, etc).
The things is, when I access the page of any subject while logged out (so, no subscription), I still have access to everything.
So, what am I missing here? Do you still have access to everything, even without subscription?


You do. You can’t do reviews and scripts won’t pull information beyond level 1-3, so become pretty pointless. But, just like you can access the future levels before they become available to you by leveling through the SRS, you can access the info on WK without a subscription. You just have to navigate to their respective info pages through the Dashboard (search or use the drop down menus).


I don’t know if this is what you meant, but if I make a call to the API with a token from an account without subscription, I will only get the information of levels 1-3?

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Yeah. Basically that. So for example, using the Self-Study Quiz, you can’t study anything above lv 3. So, the script becomes pretty toothless. ^^;

And for example, WK stats, it also only shows data for level 1-3. So, previous data doesn’t show anymore. ^^;


Amazing, thank you!

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I think it’s really just a remnant from when the info was not available to non-subscribers. They recently made it so that anyone can access the item info


Oh ok, so if it doesn’t involve completing lessons/reviews, you get access to everything.


I believe so

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Got it! Thank you!

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