Another After Lv 60 question

My yearly sub expires at the end of Jan. Can anyone let me know what happens to my WK access after that time? Whilst I don’t expect to be able to do reviews etc without a sub what happens to API access? There are a few services I’m currently using that use it. Does this access end also? I intend to export as much data as I can for a variety of reasons eg flashcards, leech lists, stats etc so do I need to do this before Jan 31?

Thanks for any info.

As for the API, all I know is that “WaniKani stats” returns to showing your lvl 1-3 data only. I made a screen shot of all my stuff beforehand.

As expected, you can only access lvl 1-3 material on wanikani

I believe that KaniWani saves your lvl 60 progress though.

To answer the important question, though: yes, you keep your shiny yellow level 60 badge.


Right. So if I rejoined I’d be back at Lv60 but in terms of site usage and API it’s Lv3 free stuff only. This makes sense. I shall get exporting/screenscraping before Jan 31. I believe that some 3rd party sites that use API data cache progress whilst others pull in live data so I’ll have to chance that one - nothing too critical.



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