Connecting with Natives online

Do you guys know of any sites that are specifically for people learning different languages to chat online? Preferably casually and as if the main goal is to be friends rather than learning a language.


I used to use conversationexchange website for talking and learning about other culture and maybe learning the language for a fun way. Though it’s not as good like 5 years ago, still you can find good people there. Though in my experience many of these good websites became bad because of people using as a dating app( for obvious reasons). Besides this I have two very good friend from the site I mentioned and I even met many people there so there is always hope. Being a University student granted me many opportunities to meet various foreign people.
Anyway, good luck:)


I use HelloTalk where you can chat with native speakers and have them correct your language. It takes a little bit of time to find people on there but then there’s no reason why they can’t be friends as much as language partners.


I really like the format! Thank you for your recommendation :))

Couldn’t bring myself to use HelloTalk. It asks to get the phone IMEI and it’s a Chinese app. I have no desire to be tracked…

@anon25379040 Hi there, welcome to WK (and にゃ to you too :wink:):
I’m not sure I should be answering to a comment that will disappear soon. Anyway, have you used Tandem for a long time ?
If yes, how does it work exactly? Is it free? I see there is a paid membership too. What is the difference with respect to the free version?

Go on VRchat, you can find natives on some worlds there…

I use Tandem. In my opinion, the App is really good. It works witth instant messaging and there are options like correcting the messages. It’s free and the features of the premium account are no-ads and be able to know who is visiting your profile.

Even though you’ll find people using it as a dating app, it’s possible to find good friends or conversation partners.


I saw this the other day and <3 <3 <3


Hello Talk is wonderful. I’ve been using it since October and made so many friends. Some I’ve grown really close to and for Christmas we even exchanged cards and they sent me New Years postcards. :heart:

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Well that’s better than what I thought it was. I was put off by the less casual look than HelloTalk at the beginning.

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