A good place to talk to natives?

Is there a good conversation website or app though preferably website since my phone is old and doesn’t have enough data left over to download but if it’s a strongly recommended app I’ll make way… I wanna talk to either people who know Japanese really well or the best source- natives

Hellotalk is only available as a mobile app, but I’ve found it excellent for connecting with natives and holding full conversations in Japanese! It’s a huge boost in confidence whenever you’re able to understand something, and the correction features are really great as well.

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It’s important to note that HelloTalk stores all of it’s app data on the phone, so if there’s an issue with space available on the phone this may not work well for this person.


Lang-8 is a pretty good website for this.
Personally I prefer HelloTalk; it’s like a cross between Lang-8 and Facebook and matches you up with language partners based on age and interest, so you can usually try to read things you would actually be interested in. Lang-8 is much more of a mixed bag, and people tend to write longer posts there, whereas it’s perfectly acceptable to write shorter things (like a sentence or two) on HelloTalk.

I haven’t used HiNative, but some people who like Lang-8 also like and use this website. I’ve had it come up a few times when searching Google for a “this vs. that” answer about Japanese vocabulary.

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Lang-8 unfortunately stopped accepting new registrations and they are encouraging new member to join HelloTalk.

Another good source that hasn’t been mentioned yet is italki. You can use their service to find tutors and/or language exchange partners. Everyone I have met there is very friendly, and there are many active members. I have also used conversationexchange and japanguide to talk to people. And of course, you can always find natives on social media such as twitter.
Best of luck in your search!

I found the mobile app Tandem to be great at talking to natives. With Tandem you can firstly message the native speaker and if they reply, you have the option to video chat them. I find it much better than using Hellotalk.

Huh, that’s interesting. I wonder if Hello Talk is finally making a PC app/website, instead of keeping it mobile only…

You made a typo there buddy, the one the Lang-8 wants you to use is HiNative, which from what I’ve seen, seems like a Yahoo answers kinda site but specifically for language questions.
It’s pretty different than Lang-8 so I don’t understand why they would try and force you to choose it over Lang-8.

I haven’t tried HelloTalk but I don’t think it’s for me since my native is Spanish and barely any Japanese people learns it.

You can still use it, just don’t expect anyone Japanese to ask you to correct your Spanish, I guess. Instead monopolize them for Japanese help. : D

Oh you’re totally right, I don’t know how I got those two mixed up!

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