Conjugation Drill App

Hey guys, figured I would share with you this little website I have been working on.

It started as Anki card scripting (which I will upload to git also if someone wants), but my teacher wanted to know if I could make a stand-alone version. Well Anki cards are HTML/JavaScript, so why not.

As you can see the concept is pretty simple, I choose a verb and conjugation type randomly (All Genki I verbs currently) and allow you to test yourself. The bottom portion was 100% designed around writing your answer with an Apple Pencil, but any stylus/finger would work also.

I already have the logic coded for adjectives that I’ll be adding soon, then て form, etc. If anyone has any suggestions on things that might make it more useful (remember it’s for drilling not SRS), just drop me a comment.

Code: Source Code

Application: Conjunction Drill


Fellow software engineers/web designers, don’t knock the code, I know it needs cleaned up. I’m not doing this for work :stuck_out_tongue:, though not saying parts haven’t been made at work…

And I’ve flagged for this to be moved to the right section.


I like this. More conjugations please and greatly thank you. Memorization of conjugations and grammar points are something I’m and others likely lacking. I’m assuming there are similar things elsewhere, but this has interested me.

I’ve never used the Genki textbooks (Tae Kim Lover ya know), so does anyone conveniently have that list of words used? (As reference for future people as well.)

Went ahead and moved it to #wanikani:api-and-third-party-apps for you

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Genki has a conjugation app for iPhone, it’s decent but the app tells you if the word is say う/る for verbs, well that removes half the challenge!

I don’t have a list of all of Genki’s vocab offhand, but if you check out Vocab list you can see the vocabulary I am currently using. Around 120 verbs, and I have around the same number of adjectives almost ready. That will grow as a enter the Genki II vocabulary also.

Ah I see. Yeah that’s totally bunk to just tell you the category of the verb. Also thanks!

As I’ve kind of neglected my recall ability, this is something that I might start doing as well as studying the verbs used.

I notice that the application uses a particle to signify verb transitivity. A suggestion of mine would be to fill in the blank of an example sentence that would also have that particle to use. Just an idea.

Not sure how to tell you this, but you really gotta work on your handwriting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha it’s true!