Congratulate a new father

What expression would you use to congratulate your japanese teacher for becoming a father?

I only know おめでとう…



(go)shussan omedetou (gozaimasu)!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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Oh for some reason I expected baby photos because someone on the forum became father!


I am not familiar with this phrase myself, but 出産 means giving birth, so I just wonder if perhaps it’s something you might say to the mother rather than the father? (Happy to be corrected if it definitely applies to either new parent!)

I’m pretty sure that this can be said to the parents and just not exclusively the mother. I can’t explain why technically, but I’ve can vouch for using it to new parents and not making a fool out of myself (because then, my Japanese family would correct me). Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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To me it sounds strange to say 出産 to the father. Then I would rather say:
"奥さんのご出産おめでとうございます” (congratulations on your wife’s birth)

Alternatively you can say:
“赤ちゃんのご誕生おめでとうございます” (congratulations on your baby’s birth)
or a bit more polite:
”お子様のご誕生おめでとうございます" (congratulations on your child’s birth)

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Oh! so sorry for disappointing you u.u’ i see how the title was misleading…

Thanks a lot for your help! These are very interesting points!

Maybe it sounds strange but not enough to be offended?

To tell you the truth, I was in a hurry yesterday and I already gave him the card… He didn’t make a face or anything, but of course, that doesn’t prove anything, he probably appreciated the effort… xD

I will ask him the next day, I’m really curious now!


Let me know so I can give my cousins hell for not steering me in the right direction!

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