Confusing Sentence?

I was reading a bit of shoujo manga, but I couldn’t understand what this sentence meant.


Could anyone explain to me what it means?

Then, as stated, I/He/She was eating ?

I guess it easier to understand with context.


It’s probably most productive to give your best shot and point out which parts are confusing.

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@Kalas In the previous pages, they were talking about the main character eating poison.

@Leebo I looked up the meaning of 言葉 which showed words. Then I first interpreted it as “And thus, she was eating the words” which was confusing because it seemed so out of context.

Okay, then we have something to work from. Did you also look up the suffix どおり?

Additionally, there is nothing grammatically that suggests that 言葉 would be the direct object of 食べる.

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As @Leebo hinted, 食べる normaly takes を to indicate its object, not に, so there is no grammatical foundation in the assumption that words are being eaten here. If you find the meaning of どおり (also spelled 通り in heavier texts), it should become clearer what the function of the 言葉 are.

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Oh, I understand now! Thank you so much everyone! :>

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