A sentence with 食べる - to eat

Hello! Can you help me with this sentence please?

I have a friend who knows Japanese and he says there’s something wrong with it, but being new to this I cannot figure out what exactly. Thanks!

朝ご飯 を 食べ た
I meant - I had breakfast

Is he trying to make a guessing game of it? I don’t see anything wrong for the meaning you intended.

The only thing I can think of is you kind of liberally sprinkled a bunch of spaces in there, but if that’s what he meant, it’s kind of a weird thing to get hung up on.


Thank you very much for the reply! It appeared we had a misunderstanding, he thought I implied the future tense.


The only thing I could think he might be talking about would be that you included the を in there. That’s grammatically correct, but my Japanese professor taught me that most of the time in casual speech the particle を gets dropped unless it’s absolutely necessary to the understanding of the sentence. So irl someone would probably say 朝ご飯、食べた。

That being said, it is also completely correct to say 朝ご飯を食べた


Thank you for sharing! Very useful!