Problems with a sentence meaning

Hey guys, i need some clarification about the meaning of a sentence.


I‘m not totally sure if it means either: „eating tomorrow?“ or „what to eat tomorrow?“ i belive it might be the first version.

What do you think?

More the latter, though I’d have guessed “what are (you) going to eat tomorrow”.

Just “are (you) going to eat tomorrow” would just be 明日は食べますか?

The 何を literally means “what” + objective marker (i.e. it is the thing being acted upon), so 何を食べる becomes “what are (you) eating”.


Thank you for the fast answer. This does make sense. I wondered while reading about the 何 in the sencente. Makes mich more sense now

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Evening guys, I‘m trying tonunderstand a sentence again, but can‘t get any sense into it. Maybe someone can help me again?


I don‘t get the „あのペンがあります“ part.

鈴木さんの家 This part should only mean in Suzukis house if im not mistaken. に is there because of あります.

Can it be, that the sentence literally only mean : „There‘s a pan in suzuki‘s house over there.“? Or maybe „Over the in Suzukis hous is a pen.“?
I‘m a bit confused right now.

Another sentence I totally didn‘t really understand ペンはありますか?

Is it maybe „is there a pen?
But wouldn‘t ペンですか. Mean almost the same?
Hope somebody can clear this up a bit for me.

The example sentence doesn’t make a lot of sense, but example sentences seldom do. Let’s dissect that…

鈴木さnのいえに suzuki’s house + ni as location marker
あのペンが that pen + topic marker
あります exists

There is that pen in Suzuki’s house

No idea why you’d say “that pen” if you can’t actually see it, perhaps Suzuki has the same kind of pen at home.

ペンはありますか “concerning a pen, exists, question marker”, so you are right, that means just “is there a pen?”

ペンですか “pen is, question marker”, now this is totally different to the last, “is it a pen?”

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Thanks a lot for the quick answer and dissection of the sentence. Made it a lot clearer to me. So the main difference between desu and arimasu is that arimasu is more asking if something is in existence while desu is more declaring what something is? I still have problems deciding which to use sometimes. I probably need more real life examples of the usage to totally get it XD

Basically yes. desu is alike an equal sign, ie. you can express A = B things. aru is “to exist”, quite literally.


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