Concerned to forget words until I can start to read some books

thanks for the mention, somehow i didn’t know that yet, looks good!

I disagree with that somewhat. Sure, only learning a kanji on WK doesn’t mean it goes into your active vocabulary. But i still think it’s the best kind of method to learn many kanji and words efficiently.

My strategy is to go fast on WK (grammar/Bunpro too) and get that out of the way, then when i’m done i’ll have a much easier time reading and even listening, and solidifying my learnings. And i do read and listen more and more on the side. Already at level 24, in an average text i can read a lot of Kanji because of WK (covering about 80% of kanji in a tweet or Wikipedia page, according to this).

But it’s definitely a good idea to not just study 100% of your time, and it’s good to consume lots of native material.