Completing WK and related thoughts

I actually finished up Level 60 earlier this year, maybe ~4 months ago if I remember correctly. All said and done, I believe it took me a little over 2 years.

First, the good: given my proclivity for procrastination and poor attention, I feel confident in saying I would not have progressed in Japanese if it had not been for this application. The benefits have been immeasurable both in forming a basis for a lot of my study and improving daily life since I’ve moved to Japan.

The not so good: I have almost never participated in these forums, sought much support or advice, learned about others’ successes and problems, or really sought to do more than what I think to be the base level of study. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I think it comes from a place of comparing my own abilities and progress to others, and frustration at living in Japan for two years but not nearly being where I want to be language-wise.

I want to start engaging more in a community of language learning so I can offer what little advice and realizations I’ve had while learning more from anyone else, whether you’re a 60 vet or someone just starting out. There’s no 100% right way to do anything and it’s time for me to face my own weaknesses while chiming in where I can.

And thanks to the folks who make those WK plug-ins, you guys rule!


congratulations on making it to 60! :tada: that’s awesome (:

and if you didn’t already 4 months ago, go eat your level 60 cake! :cake:


I just checked the fridge and it’s not looking good…


Maybe join a book club!


Congrats! Forums are hard for me too. I am on here all the time but I can never pay attention long enough to follow threads or long explanatory posts that would probably very helpful


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