[Community Mnemonics] Young children using WaniKani?

So I created a reading mnemonic for the “walk” kanji which included the word “prostitute” and I encountered this:

I appreciate the author’s intent here, but if every user of the script has to accept this limitation because young children “may” be using it then I think this claim should be given at least a little scrutiny first.

Here is the age group chart from the WK demographics thread:

That’s 1,013 total users with 7 of them under the age of 15, giving a Young Children percentage of 0.7% (rounding up). While it’s true that these numbers only represent self-selecting members of the community who read the forums, I’ll point out that the only realistic way anyone would know about the community mnemonics script is by reading the forums here. So if someone were to assert that most young children who use WK aren’t visiting the forums, one has to wonder how they’re using the script. And if they ARE reading the forums, they’re potentially being exposed to “vulgar” words on the forums. Really though, if they’re using ANY website which features user generated content (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram) they’re being exposed to what some would consider “inappropriate” content. The idea that a kid is going to surf the unfiltered web and somehow avoid seeing any profanity the same way a neutrino can pass through the earth without hitting anything seems unrealistic in the extreme.

I believe there’s a strong case to be made that “young children” aren’t using WK in any meaningful numbers. (And of the handful who are, what are the odds that any of them have installed greasemonkey/tampermonkey and the community mnemonics script?)

I believe there’s a stronger case to be made that the idea that kids can use the Internet for any length of time and not encounter “vulgarity” is unrealistic.

But what transcends both of those arguments is the simple fact that WaniKani is not and does not claim to be family-friendly.

Here is the official WK reading mnemonic for 室

You think “this can’t be my room!” So you walk to the corner, where you keep a box filled with your shit (しつ) *sorry kids and moms.
So if the official mnemonics (which EVERYONE sees) contain vulgarity, does it make sense to prevent community mnemonics from containing the same?

Yeh I agree with this, I don’t really think it’s fair to make the vast majority of adult users have to face restrictions because there’s maybe a tiny amount of kids using the site.  It’s like if TV was suddenly only allowed to show PG-rated shows because kids might be watching.

If it’s really a concern for people, I’d have thought that the reverse approach would be better: add a ‘parental control’ option that allows people to hide mnemonics that contain adult language.  However if one uses WK for a few levels then you realise that the sites own mnemonics are often quite puerile themselves; in many ways that’s actually the point as it makes them more memorable.

maybe you should post this on the original community mnemonics userscript thread?

Shouldn’t this be the decision of whoever made the script?  Shouldn’t you take it up with them?  People who make scripts don’t have to be fair according to someone else’s definition of fair.  :smiley: