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So I’ve posted and talked about it enough with people I’ve conversed with: I have two years to learn Japanese. My college offers language credits to students who pass the FLATs exam, and that’s what I aim to do…in the two years I have left of college.

So my question: Does anyone know what level of Japanese is needed in order to get a passing grade on this exam? If not: Does anyone know what the level of Japanese 16 college credits should give you?

Please help me figure out my target goal. Thank you!

I don’t really know anything about it, but if you can’t find other stuff, I would try messaging the redditor in this thread who may have taken it.

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I took the FLATS Japanese exam for credit like 5 years ago. It had things that were reminiscent of N5 and N4, but my memory of it is rather fuzzy. Also, I only received notification that I passed, and not a score IIRC, so I couldn’t tell you how well I did precisely.

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The FAQ kind of hints at the levels covered (says 101, 102, 201). BYU Japanese 201 course states learning 400 kanji. Also the FLATS site states 12 credits, so you may need to sort out that discrepancy.

Regardless, your goal definitely seems doable. It says you can take it every 6 months, so maybe plan it out so that you can have a second crack at it if needed.


Thank you, I seem to have missed the FAQ. I feel like there isn’t enough information out there for such a good language credit resource. I’ve heard it’s not just my college that uses that exam to cover second languages not taught on campus.

My college requires 16 language credits OR a passing grade in the FLATs exam, so since they don’t offer Japanese here but require that sort of fluency/grammar level I’m trying to figure out what that might be if it were a course.

I also do plan to take it ahead of the deadline, just in case. Crossing my fingers that it will be a one-time take only. According to the redditor linked in another post the exam looks expensive. Especially for a student on a budget. :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

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whistles Redditor posted four years ago. We’ll see what turns up. Thank you for the link!

You may want to ask any Mormon friends you have. I think it’s the same program they use for the kids they send on missions, and those guys have pretty impressive language skills for their host country.


Good point. I didn’t think of that.

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