Climbed the 3000+ Reviews from Break Wall!

Just wanted to share that I was excited about getting back into Wanikani a bit and finishing that many reviews! I did Wanikani a lot and consistently for like 7 months straight and went from 0 to level 30 in that time. I took the JLPT 3 exam and then completely burned out, I picked up a lot of responsibility from developing healthier habits and it kind of felt like I was working 24/7 and I ended up dropping basically everything I had going on for basically 5-6 months. I was so burned out I was seriously questioning whether I even wanted to study Japanese anymore, and I’m living in Japan lol.

However, time passed I settled back down and decided to take things at a healthier slower pace where I don’t feel as stressed, as they say slow and steady wins the race. I picked up a bit of Wanikani again and now I finished my 3000+ reviews that I had waiting for me. It was a nice feeling to pick something up and progress again after feeling like I gave up. Now I am just going to take my time and not make myself feel like I am on a time crunch.

Good luck to others going the Wanikani grind!


Thanks for sharing! It’s always great to see people somehow managing to get through hundreds or thousands of reviews…even 200 sounds like an impossible climb, so I am truly in awe of you! Keep going, you’ve got this!


Congratulations on climbing your wall. One day at a time, one hand hold at a time. I hope you continue to find success in your journey to a healthy life balance.


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