ChristopherFritz's Study Log

Reaching the end of July, it’s time to review my recent progress.

SRS Rᴇᴠɪᴇᴡs


I’m continuing to do my daily reviews, which is typically about five to 15 cards, without doing lessons. Although I’d like to start adding words for kanji I recently learned in WaniKani, it’s a bit cumbersome to do so, and I’m lazy, so I haven’t.


For a number of weeks, my WaniKani reviews were getting worse and worse. I’d be spending longer and longer on reviews, and would routinely score below 50%, sometimes below 30%.

I kept at it until my apprentice dropped to about 70. I intended to let it drop to 50 and keep it there for a while, but as my number of reviews when went down each day, my percentage correct slowly went back up again. Once I was routinely getting about 60 to 80% correct, I started doing vocabulary lessons. That’s pushed my apprentice back up to around 100, so I’m cutting back on lessons (still plan to do at least one per day) to keep it from going over 100.

Vɪᴅᴇᴏ Wᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ

My “watch all of Sailormoon” is progressing slowly, as I’ve just watched some of the live action series, and haven’t progressed too far in the anime.

For shows watched with subtitles, I did watch through Bunny Drop recently, and am working through Non Non Biyori Repeat.

Bᴏᴏᴋ Rᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ


I’ve been just barely falling behind in 「魔女の宅急便」, but I think my latest method’s working out for me, and I’m back on track.

I’m reading in Japanese as well as the 2020 English release, with the 2003 English release handy for comparison. I read a paragraph in Japanese, then the same paragraphing in the 2020 English release. This lets me instantly catch anything I missed from the Japanese.

Next, I read the following paragraph in the 2020 English release, then read it in Japanese. This makes it a lot easier to understand everything (outside of vocabulary I need to look up).

I don’t now if this method of reading through will be harmful in the long run, but I do know that I won’t be able to use it for the rest of the books in the series. I know someone will arrange to continue the book club going for book two and beyond, so I’ll be able to be able to read “without cheating” then. For now, my goals are to keep up pace, and to finish a book.

Mᴀɴɢᴀ Rᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ


I’ve just about finished volume two.


This series randomly jumps between “this is so easy to read” type scenes and “what exactly are Akatsuki and Aika talking about?” type scenes. I’m looking forward to continuing with the series.


I’m still on track to shelf this series after I (eventually) finish the first volume.


I like the series (having read it in English and watched the anime), but there’s just too much dialogue for me and I don’t have the stamina to follow through it all.


Another I’ll shelf after finishing the first volume, as I’m only barely following along. Some scenes the dialogue becomes too heavy for me to follow.


I’ve wanted to check out the anime for some time, but it’s only available on Blu-ray in the US, and I don’t have a Blu-ray player. Although now that the DVD player in my computer recently died, maybe I should consider replacing it with a DVD/Blu-ray player… If I watch the series with English subtitles, it should become easier to re-read volume 1.


It’s been a while since I last read, as the book club reading pace is two months per volume. I need to see where I left off, because I think there’s just one week left for the current volume!


I’m still waiting to reach the part where the anime left off, because that’s going to test me on how much of this being an easy series to read is based on my advance knowledge of what’s going on.


This is the first of the easy series I’m reading to be finished. (よつばと! is just about there, but I expect volume 15 to release by the end of the year.)


After an amazing final volume, I expected I’d miss reading the series, but the book club for it begins in a couple of weeks, so…

Aside from that, it feels good to “complete” a series.


I started reading volume 1 on something of a whim, but I’ve been wanting to read the manga for some time now.

i-0022x i-0023x

…however, I may need to shelf this series for a bit longer if they keep putting in so much dialogue! Some pages it’s exhausting just to make it through a single page!


I’m still keeping up with one chapter per week!


I’m going through a story arc I have no advance knowledge of (never seen in the anime or read in English), which makes the current story arc the most difficult yet for me to follow.


I’ve been trudging along slowly with this one. The slow speed is probably due to knowing the series is so short.


I do feel like I’ll have to re-watch the anime after, just because I remember liking it so much.


I’m down to just two more chapters left, then it’s waiting for the next volume to come out soon.

If I get a Blu-ray drive to replace the deceased DVD drive in my computer, I may just have to look into getting the anime for this series (which isn’t available on DVD here in the US).


I’d started out so slow on reading this, but have really picked up speed in the past week.

Most of the kanji I know (about 85%), so the lack of furigana hasn’t been slowing me down. Between reading this and last year having read「となりのトトロ」, I’m going to have to start thinking about which Studio Ghibli movie I want to read through next.

Even though the kanji use (versus hiragana) differs between the cinema manga and the movie subtitle scripts, I’ll probably run the movie scripts through my WaniKani kanji analysis to which is the next best choice for me to read. I’d really like to read 「耳をすませば」‐wait, isn’t that one based on a manga? Yup, sure enough. Well, there’s another item for my wish list!


I haven’t made any real progress on grammar, but at the moment I don’t mind. I do want to get back to watching CureDolly videos daily soon, though!


So. Much. Reading! :astonished::star_struck::clap: Good on you!

Your log was fun to read in this format too. :slight_smile:



I accidentally leveled up =(

My current system:

  • Complete reviews three times a day (morning, afternoon, night).
  • Do at least one lesson per day. (Just became a whole lot easier with that level-up.)
  • Focus on level 23 vocabulary first.
  • Keep apprentice near the lower end of 70–100 items.


So far I seem to be keeping on target for my reading goals (including the Kiki novel, somehow or other).

I’ve been trying out some reading tracking sites. I’ve found Bookmeter to be a bit too cumbersome for me to want to use, even though I like how it tracks number of pages read. I like Mangare’s interface of “stacking” a series, showing only the current volume being read, but it’s focused on manga and doesn’t have page counts. (And I think it doesn’t support reading through two volumes of a series at the same time.)

In the end, it looks like I’ll probably just stick with my own HTML+CSS bookshelf, which may be a bit of work to keep updated, but I enjoy it, so it’s time well spent.

Here's how it currently looks.


That’s a really neat bookshelf! :open_mouth:


Love this!! I’m also focusing a lot on reading manga at the moment and recently finished my very first one (so happy, it really felt like a milestone). I mix between the Keep reading (Tadoku-style) and Compare with English Translation methods. I honestly don’t have the time or energy to look every new thing up, haha, so that method wouldn’t be very effective for me personally. But I do mix these two reading styles with using vocab SRS-flashcards (on Memrise), if there are any, to still learn new vocab that frequent in the current manga I’m reading (Yotsubato&). I think, no matter which method one decides to try, the important thing is to read. And read. And read some more. Progress will follow! Your study log is very motivating, thank you for sharing it! :smile:


Which volume? If you need any help, take a look in the bookclub, and if you would like to join us for the weekly live reading, you’d be more than welcome!


I’m reading vol. 1, just started ch. 4 so I just got started. Such a cute story though! Thank you! :smile:


In another thread, I mentioned that one thing I’d like to do is a “Japanese the Manga Way” style breakdown of panels from comics. Although it may be more proper to say Mangajin style.

Mangajin is a magazine that I only learned about recently. In each issue, various four-panel Japanese comics were shown, along with:

  • a word-for-word breakdown of the Japanese text with English meaning
  • a literal English translation (when applicable)
  • a polished English translation
  • detailed notes on various aspects of grammar used in the strip

Now, I’m too lazy to actually do much for this, and it probably isn’t copyright friendly (even if I’m using free 立ち読み previews), so I know I won’t actually get anywhere with it. But, it was fun enough to slack off from reading manga for a day to write up some code to be able to take simple input and make an image out of it:

The layout and breakdowns are heavily copied inspired by “Japanese the Manga Way”.

Could be a fun weekend project to continue with, if I weren’t so lazy…

But for the remainder of this week, I’ll be catching up on this week’s manga (and Kiki) reading.


You want to pitch this to a publisher. Seriously.

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Introverts and lazy people don’t pitch things, and I’m both =P

Especially when I’m just building off of the layout and such from “Japanese the Manga Way”.

Aside from that, the main issue is in areas where I’m not confident in how to translate something. I’ve no doubt mistakes would be made!


I know just what you mean (I’ve written some books in the past, but never pitched them, promoted them, or anything), but it’s a pity. I’m sure it would be great!

The nice thing about weekends is I have all day to get in as much reading as I can.

Now if only I got to any reading today.

As a follow-up to my screenshots of a “Japanese the Manga Way” style manga translations above, I spent today telling myself I’m too lazy to try doing that for one whole manga page each weekend.

What would the advantage of writing up the details on page of manga dialogue each weekend be?

  1. Writing out what I know in a succinct way lets me see what I know well, and what I need to learn better.
  2. Being able to write brief-but-detailed explanations can help me in answering forum questions about the same grammar.
  3. Making myself write up notes on every kind of grammar upon its first appearance in a manga forces me to better learn the items I find myself struggling to explain. (Like spending over an hour reading up on 「[verb]ても」 to be able to even begin try to explain it.)

The fun part of course comes up front, coming up with a basic text file format to write up the translations and notes, writing some Ruby code to convert the file into an HTML file, and writing some CSS to style it all to look similar to Mangajin’s full-page translations.

I think the end result isn't all too bad.

(Please ignore the typos.)

I’ve opted to dispense with the panel images (even if it’s available in free previews from e-book stores), just because if I put these online, I want to decrease the chance for copyright infringement issues. (Of course, even translating a copyrighted work is a form of infringement in the legal world.)


I’m a huge fan of Japanese the Manga Way and refer to it often. I’d never thought of using their breakdown format (which I love) for my own studies. You are such an inspiration and one of my favourite people on the WK forums. Keep up the most excellent work!


In my never-ending quest to find ways to procrastinate from reading, I’m looking at what my goals are for September reading. (I recommend developing systems rather than setting goals, but this post is just for fun.)

Book Clubs Reading

I am of course continuing with all the book clubs I’m in. No goals to set here, as these are for the most part simply “continue reading”.

  • わんわん探偵団 1: I think the fact that I’m reading this one as a physical book rather than digital is having a big impact on my slacking off. (I fall behind, then read a few weeks worth in one go, then fall behind.) When it comes to the next book, I’m definitely going digital again.

  • レンタルおにいちゃん: Since I’ve read it before, I’m indirectly reading along, as I’m answering questions (quick re-read of a page for context), and writing up dialogue changes from the original release to the commercial release.

  • よつばと!: We’re at the end. I actually failed to read last week’s chapter, so I’ll be finishing that up, and then reading this week’s chapter, hopefully this upcoming week.

  • ふらいんぐうぃっち: We’ll be finishing up volume 6 and starting volume 7 in September. Back at the end of volume 5, I’d forgotten I already bought volume 6, so I went and bout the “next” volume, volume 7. I’m more than ready.

  • 魔女の宅急便: I’m officially behind (again). If I could implement my system of reading at least one sentence per day (under the expectation I’ll read more than one sentence), I might actually be able to not be far behind all the time. (I’m halfway through last week’s reading.)

  • おじさまと猫: I need to work this one into my page count tracking, and then “formally” start reading it. (I’ve skimmed the first few chapters.) Being about four pages per week, it’ll be an easy ready to keep up with in September.

  • 美少女戦士セーラームーン: Nothing’s going to slow me down from reading one chapter per week of Sailormoon! It’s exciting to consider I’ll reach the end of the third story arc by the end of September, as I’ve never gone through this story arc before (manga or anime).

  • アオハライド: I’m liking the increase one-month-per-volume pace. Now that we’re way out of anime-adaptation material, my interest level in the series has greatly increased. I’m glad I watched through the anime earlier this year and joined in with reading the manga.

  • 3月のライオン: My prediction: I’ll start reading this with the club mid-September. I’ll struggle to keep up (especially if the first chapter isn’t split across two weeks). I’ll be OCR’ing like crazy. I’ll fall behind. And I’ll shelve the series for now after I finish volume one.

  • スキップ・ビート!: I think I’m going to skip this one, but I’ll keep it in mind for when my reading stamina is up higher. It looks the series has a fair number of pages dense with dialogue, which is the main thing slowing me down reading 「GALS!」 and 「ハヤテのごとく!」.

Non-Book Club Reading

  • GALS!: I’ve been reading the first volume off and on for some time now. I plan to read through volume one in English, then finish up reading the volume in Japanese (with the super-power feeling of always knowing what everyone’s saying immediately as I read it). I’m 59% of the way through, and would really like to push to finish by the end of September. (Pace: 3 pages per day, unless I fall behind or read extra.)

  • GOSICK―ゴシック―: I want to like this series, but it’s been such a struggle. I feel like I’ve barely started the third/final chapter of the first volume. That said, I’m 81% of the way through the volume. (Pace: 1 page per day, and I finish right at the end of September!)

  • ハヤテのごとく!: With the density of dialogue, I don’t feel I can finish this volume up in September, although it would be nice if I could. I feel like I must be near the end of the volume, yet I’m only 52% of the way there! (Pace: If I can manage 3 pages per day, it’s doable…)

  • 三ツ星カラーズ: Volume 8 just came out! I’ll probably be buying it soon, but I’ll have to force myself to not read more than one chapter per week. (The short chapters are the worst for this!)

  • 異国迷路のクロワーゼ: My physical manga fall by the wayside because they’re so inconvenient (for me). Looking up a word means having to place a bookmark and close the book, and I need to be near my desktop computer, or have my smartphone handy. And the text is always so small. That’s the primary reason why it’s been just over two weeks since I last read this series! (Pace: All I need to do is read 1 page per day to finish by the end in a month.)

  • アリア: Likewise on the paperback. I haven’t even started the first volume! (Third if you count the two アクア volumes, which I’ve finished.) I’d like to get back to one chapter per week in September, as I’m one volume behind on my 2020 reading schedule for this series.

  • 魔女の宅急便: (シネマコミック) The only reason I haven’t finished this one yet is because the lack of furigana keeps me from wanting to start reading, even though I know when I do start reading, I’ll make a lot of progress. I’m 71% of the way through. (Pace: 4 pages per day. Actually lower when considering many pages will have little to no dialogue.)

  • どんなときも名探偵: Have I even started this one yet? I was supposed to finish it by the end of August (oops). I think my reading time for this has been overtaken by Kiki (the novel). I don’t know if I’ll start this one up yet, or wait until わんわん book 1 is finished

  • ご注文はうさぎですか?: I feel like this is an honorable mention, with as much as I don’t read it. (I want to read more, but no furigana…) I’m actually 75% of the way through, but I don’t expect to schedule it for any reading in September.

September Planning

My daily reading schedule has been:

  1. Start reading something.
  2. Read until I feel I’ve read enough of it. (Maybe I reached the end of a chapter, or maybe I read a few exhausting pages.)
  3. Pick something else to read.


  • I can get a lot of reading in on one series.
  • Finishing a week’s reading early (such as a whole chapter of Flying Witch over the weekend) provides a sense of relief for book club reads. “This one’s completed on schedule. No worries of falling behind, and I’m able to answer questions (plus no worries about spoilers).”


  • Prioritizes reading book club items over non-book club items. I haven’t done any stats on how much book club vs non-book club reading I’ve done, but I expect it’s a rate of about two to one.

My planned system to achieve my September reading goals is to read a set number of pages from everything I’m reading. After I reach the goal for everything, I can go back and read more of something.


  • Ensures I do go long periods without reading a series.
  • The desire to read more than my daily minimum for a series may push me to hurry and complete my quota.


My list of active reads currently has 13 items on it. Hopefully by the end of September, that will lower to 10.

(My apologies for anyone who read all that. You could have been reading something in Japanese. And I didn’t really include pictures.)


Don’t worry because you know there’s frayderike who’s farther behind than you.


Would you be so kind and share how you track your page counting?

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@ChristopherFritz has a beautiful and efficient study log


Aaaah yes I remeber I saw it before (I was just too lazy to search for it :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:)


Previously I was simply filling out a checklist (still am), and making a back-up copy of the week’s tab each week. Recently, rather than a back-up copy of prior weeks tab, I’ve put together a tab where I record my page count per day per series/volume.

The main goal was to not have so many tabs, but I also hope to be able to get more stats out of them, such as tracking how long it’s been since I last read from a volume. One issue I face is when I stop reading something mid-chapter, then get back to it three weeks later and I don’t remember what was going on. Of course, this won’t be an issue if I’m able to read a little bit from everything every day (remains to be seen).

The most important thing with the tracking is that the (minimal) time it takes to track page counts is more than offset by the amount of extra reading I do.

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Reading in Japanese tires me out! :rofl:


I know this pace won’t carry over into the work week, but I’ve managed to have my most productive (manga) reading weekend in three months (and possibly ever!)

My records only go as far back as 5/31, so I don’t know how well I did during that weekend overall (86 pages read that Sunday). But this current weekend, with 49 pages Saturday and 121 pages Sunday, it’ll be hard to beat going forward

For these numbers, I don’t count pages with little to no dialogue. If there are three or four pages with minimal dialogue, I typically count them as one page.

Of course, this also counts these as one page each:

08_856158_856158_1_120_001x i-0103x

i-006x i-374x

…so it’s not the most even metric.

The dialogue-heavy series are still a drudge to get through even one page, so hopefully I’ll be able to push to finish them up in September, and then I can focus on more easy material.