Chobits - 抱きしめたいのに

I have seen several different translations of this line in the opening theme “Let Me be with You” watching my guilty pleasure anime, and I have seen variations such as:

“I want to hug you”
“I want to hold you”
“I want only you”
“I want to hold only you”

Can someone assist me in breaking this down, help me understand which translations are wrong, or if multiple translations could be correct, why, and is there one that is more fitting than another?

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As a general remark, providing a link to a definitely-correct transcription of the full lyrics (and youtube video, if available) would be nice. Context is vital, and whether one translation or another is better for a given line often depends on all the other lines surrounding it. Not providing these in the question means everybody answering it has to go find them themselves…


抱きしめる is your base verb, meaning to embrace tightly, hold in one’s arms, etc
The verb inflection is ~たい, meaning “want to”. This also tells us the subject of the verb is the speaker, since it’s not a question and you can’t use ~たい directly about other people (it would be a claim to know their unknowable internal emotional state). The object is also unstated, which means it’s the obvious one: ‘you’.
のに – even though.

This is a sentence fragment (common in lyrics), so you either get to fill in the unspoken second half yourself, or else you just got it in the previous line (inversion).


Ahh thanks you. The “only” part of some translations is what threw me off - the other translations are more or less in line. I was wondering if there was a double meaning or nuance to it, or if the “only” was a stylization choice by the translator.

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