Some Spreadsheet Radicals not Displaying

I’m still debating weather or not I want to keep using only WaniKani or using WaniKani as a reference for Anki (I’m a broke college student and I think I would learn better by creating my own mnemonics). I was reading the guide Learn Kanji with Radicals and Mnemonics where there is a link to a spreadsheet containing all of the radicals used in WaniKani. Unfortunately, some of the radical columns are blank, such as “stick”, “leaf”, “gun”, and “hat” but a majority are filled in with the proper text. I’m assuming that this is an issue relating to my computer not having the correct font installed? I have Microsoft’s IME installed on Windows 10. Thanks for any help and apologies in advanced if this is the wrong category! I wasn’t quite sure if this fits here.

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Inconsistent copy-paste behavior: bug? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I don’t think it’s that. There isn’t even anything to copy and paste

No, but. What I mean is that it is that.
There’s no text to put there because those radicals don’t exist as text.
They could put an image there, I guess.

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Maybe? I was thinking it could be a missing font issue. If that’s the case, I’m not sure what to install to fix that.

They don’t exist in font form. So making a small image is your only option.


Oh, that’s a shame. Do you know where I could find images for that?

In WaniKani. :slight_smile: WaniKani / Radicals

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