Chikorita157’s Japanese Study Progress Log

This thread serves as the overall progress of my Japanese language study since 2012. Note that my blog has more posts on my overall journey, and I tend to share my thoughts about my progress on my blog. I also review Japanese-language content with no English localization that some might find interested, primarily video games and a lot of Manga Time Kirara series, some of which don’t have any localization. This thread summarizes my experiences, which I publish on my blog.

If you have any thoughts, I highly suggest commenting on the blog posts posts and not here as I only browse the forums occasionally, and I am usually busy. So my blog and social media are the best places to interact with me.

State of Japanese Study – Solution to Studying the Kanji, Thoughts on Denshi Jisho, and What I’m Doing for Immersion – This post shows everything I use to study Kanji and thoughts about those electric dictionaries. I find that dedicated electric dictionaries are useless in the day of smartphones, and paid dictionaries like Kenkyusha are available on iOS. It’s only useful if you can’t use a smartphone if you take Japanese in a language school or college. You can do better with even the cheapest iPad and load some paid dictionary apps and some free ones. Also, I share some thoughts about WaniKani.

My Experiences on Learning Japanese for 10 Years and Why You Should Do It – A comprehensive post of my 10 years of studying Japanese and what I discovered. Some essential points are that learning and knowing Kanji is necessary, making things a lot easier. Also, I shared some reasons why Anki, at least in its default mode, was ineffective for my learning style. Finally, I also share some goals: to eventually take and pass the N3/N2.

I already finished all the intermediate grammar I can learn from textbooks years ago, and it’s mostly immersion and perhaps getting Bunpro for the grammar points covered in N3 and N2 that are not covered in any of the textbooks.

As expected, I will post here if I share any Japanese study progress in the future on my blog. Furthermore, my blog, which mainly covers slice-of-life school-girl and yuri anime, also covers some Japanese-related media reviews besides anime (manga, video games, etc.), opinions, and my Japanese self-study progress.

Also I wrote numerous posts on my study progress on my blog in it’s own category, which is way before I started WaniKani, if you are interested in my very long progress of studying Japanese.

Aside from that, I finally burned the first 100 items this month, I’m expecting more very soon.


I now a have a dedicated Japanese study blog, where I will share progress, tips and tricks, and review of non-localized Japanese manga in Japanese. I want to start using the language more so to reinforce the grammar points I use.

I will post and share a summary of each post I make on my study blog. As expected, the comment section on these posts to get a hold of me if I need to correct something.

With that, my first and recent post on my study blog is why one shouldn’t study Japanese in Duolingo. Duolingo is a terrible way to learn Japanese given it’s many flaws and the usage of incorrect Japanese. I kind of talked about this in another thread here, although some disagree that Duolingo is the absolute worse way to learn Japanese.日本語を勉強するために、duolingoを使うべきではない/


Wanikani Half-Way Point Post やった!ワニカニで半分終わった。従来、私の感想だ。(I did it! I’m half way done with WaniKani. So far, my impressions.) – 綺麗な百合

While I continue WaniKani, which at this rate may take probably 9 months to get close to completion, I do want to focus on writing in Japanese, which will help me reinforce the grammar points. I find that Manga, especially the types I read, primarily school girl slice of life manga, mostly Manga Time Kirara series hardly use most of what I learn in Intermediate Japanese. The only hard part is well, needing to look up words and sometimes, Hyougai Kanji. I might need to start reading light novels or play more video games.

But otherwise, I’m basically half-way done with WaniKani, but still 19 more levels before I learn all the Kanji for JLPT N2 since I just started level 31…


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