Changing the language in Cookie Run to 日本語 actually helped me with memorizing Kanji

Cookie Run is one of the games I play the most, and ever since changing the language to 日本語 it has helped me memorize more Kanji, and has also helped me with Japanese in other ways-

So umddjlks time to find other stuff that’ll help me,

I should just read more

And like not just books, anything that exposes me to Japanese would be good

Like maybe websites !

But I just want to say that I am happy that this is working

I keep on making useless topics


I started playing Pokemon Let’s Go last night, and almost set the language to Japanese, but I balked when it told me I wouldn’t be able to change it later.


Ok that sounds a little risky with Pokemon-

Unless you know the language pretty well, but like

if you don’t

It still is risky with CR, I exited out of runs multiple times because I wasn’t paying attention and forgot that 終了 meant end

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I had my last fitbit set to Japanese. I changed it back to English when I got a new one because the initial set up is very word heavy.
I feel like I learnt a little vocab, I have no idea why it said しっかり when it was waking me up though.

I got lazy and haven’t changed it back yet though


That’s good!

What a mood

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I did the same thing ;-;


You CAN swap between kanji and kana though.

So then your choices become suffer looking up a bunch of kanji or suffer reading strings of kana.

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Well, more that if you can’t read what, say, a sign says, you can swap to kana and read it again.

Anywho I don’t think pokemon is too hard to get through. I did Ultra Sun and Let’s Go in Japanese

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しっかり - It’s pretty much telling you to get a grip, pull yourself together, and wake up. All implied in 3 little syllables.

Remember that moment in the Incredibles where Edna Mode starts waving a newspaper, shouting, “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!!!” Like that. “しっかり! して! よ!”

It’s a very useful word.


Now I’ll remember that really well

Using my favorite character from my favorite movies, huh :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the explanation. I only knew it as ‘tightly’ so I only assumed it may mean ‘get a grip’ sorta. Your explanation is really great. It does seem to be a useful word. I have to しっかり a lot.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Ooo I’d like to do this! I’ll have to look into changing my language for mine.


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