I tried a game on Switch called 漢字早押しスタジアム

It’s in a game show format with 55 contestants (most of whom I suspect are actually bots, at least now anyway).

It appears you can try 5 times for free. After that you have to subscribe for a particular length of time.


It starts fairly easy, asking reading, okurigana, and kanji choice questions that most elementary school kids would know the answers to, I imagine. They’re also mostly multiple choice.

Once only 4 contestants are left it moves to a final reading problem where you have to enter the kana manually from the options provided.

When I did it, the final question was 済る (Answer: わたる).

This is where the biggest issue with the game becomes apparent.

Up until that point, any Japanese person with a normal amount of kanji knowledge would be able to compete, and it would just come down to who could enter stuff fastest.

Then, suddenly this problem is tossed out there, a Kanken level pre-1 reading that I’ve never encountered and I’m studying for Kanken pre-1.

The other 3 contestants all answered it correctly, just some more slowly than others, which was amusing.

So in my case, it goes “easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, holy crap what the hell is that?”

So I don’t plan to play it too much, but I’ll be willing to see if they make changes to it.

Having designated levels where all the questions are a certain difficulty across the board would be nice. Even if you are just up against an army of bots for the most part.


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