Changing settings for user scripts in tamper monkey

I can’t figure out how to change the settings of user scripts in tamper monkey. Google or anything that i tried searching on, nothing helped. Can anyone tell me how to change user script settings on tamper monkey? Thanks in advance!

If you are talking about the settings of a specific userscript, that depends on that userscript. Most either have an option on the menu you get to if you click on your profile pic in the dashboard, some, if they only apply to reviews, have it as a small cog in the top left corner during reviews


As @Gorbit99 mentions it depends on the script. A majority of the script hide their settings in the Wanikani drop down menu.

A number of script use the cog wheel menu in the review or lesson dialog.

The remaining scripts hide then under a cog wheel icon located a a script related place on the dashboard. For example the heatmap uses the top left corner of the Heatmap section. Other scripts will use other locations that depend on the whim of the script author…


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