Casual Longform Podcasts?

Hey everyone,
I’ve recently decided to finally stop shirking listening, so I’ve been listening to the Sambon Radio podcast, which is a usually 30~50 minute podcast meant to be like a regular, native conversation, covering a variety of topics, and I’ve really enjoyed it, even though it takes a tremendous amount of focus to actually understand anything longer than 3 words.
Now that I’ve watched (or I guess listened to) all of it, I want to use my newfound motivation to do more listening, but I can’t find any podcasts like this (or more likely I’m just too lazy to look :pensive:). Also, it doesn’t specifically have to be a podcast, as long as it’s casual and, I don’t know, lowkey? Is that what the kids these days say? You know, no background music or stuff like that, though I’m fine with it. I’m thinking something like this but in Japanese (and maybe not as long lmao), but I am taking all suggestions. So does anyone have any recommendations?


It’s two friends having casual conversation, it’s theme can be anything really, I’m amazed how they’re able to hold conversation for so long for so random topics. It’s not available online right now but you can find a way to download it from this thread, it’s worth it.

edit: apparently it’s also on youtubeひいきびいきArchive


This may not be exactly what you wanted, but it did make me think of this (maybe it’ll be interesting to someone…).


Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! And I distinctly remember clicking on that thread when it was new, shouldn’t have just skimmed through it lol.

The audio on these uploads is a bit quiet, so I have to put them through VLC to make them audible, but other than that it’s perfect.

No it’s fine, it’s always nice to have options :smiley:. The topics they cover seem much different than ひいきびいき、though it being on apple podcasts makes it kinda hard to work with.


Glad to help! I try to recommend it whenever I can because it’s such a good podcast :smile:


It’s not just on Apple Podcasts.


Some of my favorites:

(for Teppei older ones are longer)

I have more recommendations if those are not enough :eyes:.


If you don’t mind it being in both English and Japanese,

is interesting. I’ve only had time to check out one episode so far, but the two hosts talk for about an hour and a half about current events in their lives and the world. It seems very casual and was recommended to me by another WKer

Please do! :bowing_man:

Wow, thank you all for pitching in. I think I have enough content now for the rest of my life lol.


Do you have any backups, its seems to be removed :frowning:

There is this torrent : ひいきびいき will be inaccessible after the end of May 2020 - #115 by Kumirei

I don’t know if anyone is currently seeding, I don’t have the files anymore as they were on a crashed HDD, but with some luck some people are still seeding. I also remember someone uploading them on FTP, might be in that thread, give me a sign if nobody is seeding and I’ll look if I can find it.

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There are still plenty of us seeding 230185602321088514

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Great! :smile_cat: Will be re-downloading and adding myself to the seeders, glad it’s still alive, was my favorite podcast to listen to while cooking!


Is there any link for that ?
I am kind of lost :slight_smile: Seems everyone is happy because the files still exist, but not seeing how to get the them :frowning:
Could you please guide me on how to get them ? Thx :blush:

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I posted a link to the comment that holds the file. Just click that and it will take you to google Drive. Download the torrent file and then open it in a torrent client.

Link again : ひいきびいき will be inaccessible after the end of May 2020 - #115 by Kumirei


Thank you so much ✿◠‿◠

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