Cards Not Up For Review Mixed In With Reviews

Ever since yesterday my reviews have been mixing in cards that are not up for review, which is very frustrating. WaniKani says I have 27 cards to review but I had to answer 3 cards before I got to one of the 27 cards. So I have no idea how many cards I have to answer to complete my review for today, and I imagine as I progress, this issue is just going to get exponentially worse.

I already tried logging out, emptying my cache, deleting my cookies, and flushing/registering my DNS.

What did this actually look like? How did you know the ones you answered weren’t part of the 27 when you were doing them?

The number in the top right doesn’t go down on the ones I answer that aren’t counting. Same thing with the white progress bar on the top of the page; it doesn’t move when these phantom review cards are answered.

For kanji and vocab, that number only changes when you complete a review of the meaning AND the reading. For radicals it changes instantly because there isn’t a reading for those, only a meaning.

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Oh, then maybe I’m misunderstanding from before when I didn’t have the complete set and the number was changing? I only say that because I don’t remember this happening before yesterday. It’d be nice if there was some sort of indication that something was happening though; it just feels like nothing is happening.

If that’s the case, then I find it pretty misleading when it says I have X reviews, when in actuality I have approximately X * Y reviews.

With radicals, there is only one thing to answer, so the numbers go down and the bar moves along straight away. With kanji and vocab, you have to answer two parts (meaning and reading) correctly before that happens.

I wouldn’t say it’s misleading. If you have 20 kanji items, you have 20 reviews to do and there are 2 parts to each review. You haven’t reviewed the kanji if you didn’t complete it. You got taught both parts as part of 1 lesson, right?

I understand that for the level of mastery to go up, I must get both the meaning and reading correct, otherwise it will go down. That makes sense. However, what doesn’t make sense, is that when reviewing, as both of you are explaining, the meaning and reading is counted as one card. But you don’t review it as one card. I’m thinking of these as like physical cards in an inbox and I’m moving them to an outbox. So when I complete one card I’m expecting the total number of cards in my inbox to go down by one and the outbox to increase by one. So when the total number cards in the inbox doesn’t change until like the fourth card, I’ve answered, it really bothers me for some reason, like it’s completely illogical as if violating some fundamental law.

I don’t know. There’s no feedback that my reviews are 27 radicals/characters/words, not cards. At least not to me.

I’m guessing you started out with Anki before Wanikani, am I right? People tend to bring the idea of “cards” to WK, which isn’t how WK works. WK is counting items, where an item is one radical, kanji, or vocab word. And, as Leebo said, since kanji and vocab have two parts – a reading and a meaning – that’s equivalent to two “cards”. And since the two “cards” don’t appear together, the numbers aren’t going to decrease in the way you’re expecting.

Although I’m sure you’d prefer to have a card count (which would be helpful), that’s not what those numbers are. I think they’re more intended to show percentage of items fully correct (i.e. both parts), which tells you how many items are going to level up versus level down.

Yeah, I started out with TextFugu and Anki before WaniKani existed. Some stuff happened and now a couple years later I’m back on my Japanese learning journey and I’m using WaniKani.

Maybe I need to write a script that hides the progress bar and the numbers. That sounds easier than trying to figure out how to not worry about the numbers lol. I guess I just didn’t pay attention before, since the reviews were smaller. Stupid brain.

Although some people think it’s not kosher, so to speak, I used the Reorder Ultimate script’s 1x1 mode, with Reading and Meaning back-to-back, which makes the numbers count down more logically. That wasn’t why I did it, though. I did it that way because there’s a neuro-linguistic programming method where you always do the Reading then Meaning (regardless of which one it’s asking for), which helps you think in Japanese faster.

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Thanks for the suggestion (also, by the way, thanks for the self study and stats scripts you wrote). Using that, the numbers would go down more logically, but this neuro-linguistic programming thing you’ve mentioned has me interested even more. I’ll have to go do some research on it, though I can sorta see how it might help you think in Japanese faster by associating the reading with meaning like that.

Also, thanks for your help as well, Leebo and EskimoJo.

It was you that said that!
I paraphrased you and your reasons somewhere in these new forums recently… wanted to say that you said it but I wasn’t sure who…
Ever since I read that post of yours on the subject over a year ago, I’ve been saying the reading and the meaning (in that order) out loud for every single item (both the meaning and the reading halves of items taken individually even, I mean) for every review session. I do the same for my incorrect items afterwards! It totally works and helps! (Without going 1x1, I do this two times!)

@wildpomme - If you wait until you see the Green or Red “APPRENTICE” or “GURU” word (and later Master, Enlightened, Burn) come up when you press enter, that’s how you know for sure (without using the 1x1 script) that you’ve done the whole item (both sides of the “card”). Maybe that thinking can also help? I only personally very recently noticed the white progress bar at the top, and had been ignoring it entirely for over a year. Didn’t realize it was a think until maybe two, three weeks ago. My focus rarely strays to the top as I’m staring at the kanji/vocab as I say the readings then meanings out loud.

I hope this method works for you! :slight_smile: