This is going to take a while


It’s been a while since we’ve seen SimaShi — their last post was 4 years ago.

You can do it, one review at a time :crossed_fingers:
Go for it!


Hello, SimaShi of Sect Turtles, fellow old-timer and keeper of the old ways. (I too joined many many years ago :grin:)

I wish you all the blessings of the Crabigator in your renewed journey.

To that end, it might be useful to check out chapter 11 of “The Ultimate WaniKani Guide” My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) - #2 by jprspereira


Post your progress (to get support), and hold on adding new lessons.

If you do 200 per day, you will probably get it to zero in 10-15 days.


You have to do 100,000+ reviews to complete WK, so don’t feel like you’re way behind. :slight_smile: Just a little bit. :slight_smile:


and me here thinking that i am f@#& up with 140


When I wake up at 6:50 a.m. I have around 100+ items at times even though I’ve cleared everything before going to bed. So you gonna enjoy growing pile soon if you keep lvling up.


i guess that lifetime subscription was a good call…


I reset levels from 45 to 30 and still had 1500 reviews after not touching WK for a year and a half and not using vacation mode. I’m back to 0/0. You CAN do it!


1000/100 items =10 sessions x 30 mins = 5 hours
Actually, all items are not same, some will block your progress. Others are no big deal.
Also, number of items tells me that your motivation is weak or you were busy for some time.

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Really? To me it was the “This is this person’s first post in 4 years” that told me they’d been a bit busy.


You have to do 100,000+ reviews to complete WK, so don’t feel like you’re way behind. :slight_smile: Just a little bit. :slight_smile:

Actually it’s a bit less than that. In WaniKani there are:

478 radicals (found this on a 2 year old forum post, not sure how accurate it is anymore)
2048 kanji (taken from profile page)
6350 vocab (also taken from profile page)

So in total, 8876 items that will go through SRS. And in WaniKani, you must review an item 8 times before it’s burned (or 9, if you want to include the initial lesson).

So the minimum number of reviews is 8876 x 8, which is:

71,008 reviews.

This is of course assuming 100% accuracy, so in practice the number of reviews will be higher.

You can do some math to find the total number of reviews based on your accuracy too, but it's a bit longer that I expected it to be so it's under this.

So, you can also determine how many total reviews you’ll have based on the “average” review accuracy. Using an accuracy of, say, 95%, the total reviews would become like

71008 + (0.05 * 71008 * 3) + (0.05 * (0.05 * 71008 * 3) * 3) + …

That is, 5% of the reviews would need to be repeated three times to try to get them to the next SRS stage, assuming the worst case of them being failed after guru. And then 5% of those reviews could fail and need to be repeated three times. And then 5% of those…
This becomes an infinite geometric series, so we can find the sum using the following formula
So rewriting the formula I had above this becomes like:

sum(71008 * ((3 * 0.05) ^ (n - 1)))
= 71008 / (1 - 0.15)
= 83539 reviews with 95% accuracy

You can plug your own review accuracy into this formula to find the expected total number of reviews:

71008 / (1 - (3 * (percent of reviews failed / 100)))

One thing to note with this is that if you have an accuracy of 66% or less, in theory you would end up doing reviews forever.


Hah haven’t been “actually”'d in a while. Thanks for running the numbers.

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You too?! :flushed: :pleading_face:

Let’s be two lost beans in the world of the great Cabrigator and have like a billion reviews per day until we reach that glorious number of 0.

Sorry, had to get out my weirdness lol. But I had like 780 reviews yesterday (hadn’t been on wk for several weeks) and now I’m down to “only” 650. Taking into account that I reviewed apprentice items, so I re-reviewed them today (and had completely forgotten about them), which means that I did more than 130 reviews (yesterday I went down to 700, and today I had 740, so that means that I actually did 170 reviews) (sorry, I had to make the math to tell myself that it is okay, that I am okay).

BUT, some light in this complete darkness: I got my first burns yesterday, and there is such a feeling of satisfaction of burning items I had completely forgotten even existed and was afraid of getting wrong (like, let’s be honest, I can’t be the only one who is tempted to write “one” for the “一” radical). Let’s celebrate these good news hands out cake :partying_face: :partying_face:

Anyway, good luck to you with your reviews (or with resetting, if you decided to reset)


Good luck my friend…

Thanks! I’ve done 250 already, 750 to go.


lol I’m already at 35000 reviews at level 13 with a 91% accuracy, so I’d hazard to say it increases a LOT more as accuracy goes down, but I’m not gonna take the time to try and quantify that. At this pace I’ll have at least 175k reviews by the end

I still got 7 levels to go…


I guess the number of review increase drastically with the number of leeches



One thing I glossed over but I guess I should mention is how you should calculate your review accuracy. If you get either a reading or a meaning wrong, that should count as “incorrect” for your review accuracy calculation. But how wkstats calculates accuracy is more forgiving. It averages the accuracy of readings and meanings. Assuming that most of the time you only get the meaning OR the reading wrong, your total accuracy should be the sum of the failing percents of each.

For example, wkstats lists my vocab accuracy as such:
The “Total” accuracy is actually the average of the reading and meaning accuracy, but in the worst case scenario (or more likely scenario), I’m not getting both of these wrong as the same time for a single word/review, so the actual total accuracy should be:

Total percent wrong:
1.68 + 1.61 = 3.29

Total Accuracy:
100 - %wrong = 100 - 3.29 = 96.71

In your case specifically, this would bring your accuracy down to 81.22%, and if we plug that into the formula I gave before, gives a result of 162638 reviews.

You may notice that you have more reviews than this on wkstats, but remember again that wkstats is summing the reading and meaning reviews together. Whereas WK considers a single review to be the meaning and reading review together (except for radicals which only have meaning reviews). So your actual total review count is closer to half of what’s listed on wkstats, around 85,000-ish.