Can't Level Up - Bug

WK won’t let me review one of my items. i’ve gone over the same item 3-5 times (review) but WK refuses to process it.

any idea hot to fix this? i need to review this item, otherwise i have to wait anohter 3-4 days for my level up (fast-level).

Double-Check script was/is responsible for it.

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The last few new posts in this bugs & errors subforum are people talking about a persistent review item. I’d suggest checking if that is your problem as well.

As with every bug: are you running scripts and does the problem persist if you turn them off?

If the answer is no and yes respectively, I’d say the fastest way may be to email them or use the WK dashboard chat when it’s being manned.

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WaniKani is making changes that are breaking scripts and has introduced a compatibility layer feature.

Discussed in more detail here: Script Compatibility Mode coming to WaniKani this week


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