Cant find what Im looking for

I want to make my own anki cards of example sentences.

I don’t want furigana but most of the dictionaries have furigana with their example sentences. I’m looking for an online dictionary where you can switch the furigana off and on, and then also be able to copy/paste it to Anki.

I want the first field in Kanji.
Second field in Kanji + Furigana.
Third entry in English.


Did you try something like weblio?

Oh, I see, you want the furigana, you just don’t want it all the time? Why not just type the sentence up for the non-furigana versions?

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If you want to mess around with a bit of hacking you can add -webkit-user-select: none; to the CSS style of <rt> elements, then you cannot select and copy it anymore.

A few lines userscript should be enough.

Edit if you don’t want to see it you can also crank the transparency up (ehh change display :-))

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Could you maybe use Satori Reader for this purpose? Although it’s not a “dictionary” per say…

You can still copy “example sentences” from it and you’d have the ability to toggle Furigana on/off plus the added bonus of switching between Kanji or only Hiragana/Katakana for their various articles…

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Maybe you could give a look to this post , there’s some cool styling code for Anki that allows you to get the furigana for Kanji only if hovering over. That has been great for my sentences reviews and avoiding my eyes to instantly go to the furigana :sunglasses:

There’re are come cool looking card styles as well :+1:

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I’m just here to provide the soundtrack. :grin:


exactly. I was thinking of this song when i wrote the post.

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Thanks for the reply. I use Weblio a bit but find it to be a bit messy. Too many advertisements!

Cool, thanks for the tip. I’ll have a look but it will probably be over my head. I’m techno simple.

Thanks Ben6. I have heard a lot about Satori, so Ill add it to the list of great learning resources I rarely get the time to touch ! I really need a dictionary though where you can look up one word at a time.

You can also try searching for browser add-ons for your browser. In Chrome there is “Furigana Toggle” and an Anki exporter, maybe it already does what you want.

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thanks for the reply. I read the post you linked and understood about 1% !
I’m definitely a complete beginner using Anki, simple is best for me at this stage.

right. Il’l have a look now.

Don’t worry, myself I’m by no means an advanced Anki user. @hinekidori has a great youtube tutorial on card styling. That alone could let you get the basics you need to make use of the shared styles on the post.
The 10’ watching that video were really well spended for my whole Anki experience :+1:

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thanks. ill look at hinekidori’s youtube today.

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