Tool to simplify writing Anki flashcards with furigana

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently started to augment my WaniKani revisions with Anki flashcards using textbook sentences and WaniKani examples, and I quickly found adding furigana to the cards to be quite an annoying process. So, I’ve implemented a simple tool to streamline adding furigana to Japanese text, which is available here: Vite + React + TS

It might not be immediately obvious how to use it, so I’ve recorded a short demo of it on YouTube:

I’m planning to make it open source and will add the link to the code from the tool page.


Any particular reason you didn’t want to use yomichan/yomitan for creating the Anki cards? It does have an option for adding an entire sentence with furigana :thinking:

I’ve been using this Anki addon,
It’s been working well for me, just tabbing into the reading field adds furigana automatically in brackets.

Honestly I just did not know about it until recently, but from what I can see its flashcards functionality seems to be focused on flashcards for separate words (with sentences as additional context), while I mostly want my flashcards to be full sentences. I also sometimes enter the Japanese text from paper books into computer manually, and I don’t see how Yomitan would simplify that.