Can you guys add an override for when you get a question wrong?


If you’re preparing to take a JLPT test or something, you want to reach specific level benchmarks. If you’re taking 10 days per level without typo undoing, and you could be doing 8 per level with, by the time 6 months pass, you’re about 5 levels lower than you would be, say missing ~150 kanji. Even if you have no specific date deadlines, being 10 levels lower (300 kanji) after a year doing this is a very large differential too.


I will agree with you on that. It would be a bit annoying and perhaps even stressful with the JLPT looming over you. However, my opinion will stay the same. I personally don’t use the override script, and I doubt I ever really will.


How about 8 days and 1 hour with checking your answer before you submit it.


Or close the session and open a new one in private mode.


Or just be extra careful with apprentice items. Even then I find it very unlikely that you will make several typos every level, every time. Yes it happens but not that often.


Sure, they’re different in that:

  • The people I’m paying aren’t doing it
  • Many people unable to use the userscript at certain workplaces

There’s already a workaround to cheat by waiting in the core app.


Why are the people who are super concerned about cheating the ones who are so eager to point out that you can already cheat?


Which is also not an endorsement by koichi.


Apprentice levels are also very low levels to begin with. Only a typo on apprentice level 4 would do significant damage to a level up.


That depends entirely on your availability for reviews. One bad radical typo could really screw you.


I agree with you, but unfortunately some people get caught up in the “game” of reaching level 60. It’s a shame too, because the few people that do that aren’t really learning.

I think they should probably give in and add it at this point, but I understand why they don’t.


There’s one legitimate time that override is necessary, and that’s generous given what we’ve established about workarounds.

It’s not typos, because that’s just a symptom of rushing.

It’s when WK contains wrong or incomplete info for an item. But then you email them and it doesn’t happen to any other users.


I tend to agree with you on multiple points:

  • doing fast levels without the override made me sweat bullets. The stress was really hard to bear. Having the override would have been nice from the peace of mind point of view (as I would not be destroyed by typo)
  • I agree that, regardless of their philosophy the team should make WK more flexible.


  • it’s also really tempting to shoot oneself in the foot, as you said. During the above mentioned fast levels, I was resolute to ignore errors that would have prevented from leveling at max speed (e.g. a fourth kanji mistake or something like that). Luckily, I didn’t get in that situation, but I would have done it (using the poor man’s override aka private mode, though, since I’m mostly on my phone with no user scripts).
  • it’s really hard to convince a dev team that is already busy to work on something they fundamentally disagree with. You may get them to reluctantly put it on the roadmap, but literally anything else will take priority…


This was fun to read


WK team: We have heard this idea several times and have several reasons we do not want to implement it, it would be easier if you guys didn’t post the idea in the forums.
Idea: gets posted on forums
Idea: devolves into argument about given reasons they’re not implementing idea
I say Tofugu cuts to the chase and just deletes WaniKani completely


I am someone who greatly benefits from no override button, because I know that I do the “yeah I knew that” thing with anki, but I can’t do that here, and it makes me more accurate.

I have no scripts and I do most of my reviews on my phone. I almost never make typos now because I have learned through making mistakes to check before I submit, and this doesn’t take extra time because I’ve become so accustomed to double checking that it’s automatic. If I do make a typo and fail an item it’s because I’m doing my reviews lazily, which wakes me up and makes me pay more attention, which in turn makes me focus on the remaining reviews properly.

I have failed burns by getting close, but not exact wording of meanings, and some such. This improves my accuracy percent though because I thoroughly know these items, so for that one error I will see that item a couple more times and not make that error again. Oh no, I have to review an item a couple more times and get it better reinforced. What a heinous injustice. :roll_eyes:

If they add this feature I would abuse it, because I do on anki, and it doesn’t help me to do so. You can add the functionality just fine with userscripts but I don’t want it as a default because I know I would abuse it, and I’m glad it’s not there. Sometimes the teacher knows what’s better for the student’s learning, just saying.

If you’re getting a lot of typos, maybe that itself should teach you to be more careful or to double check your answers, and you should accept responsibility for that rather than reaching for someone else to blame.


So then make it an option in user settings, defaulting to not enabled. I think all the apps basically include some way to utilize an undo. For browsers there are tonnes of ways to do it, the only people getting left high and dry, are those who use mobile website, or can’t install browser addons. If you’re worried about abuse, give it one use per session\time interval. It’s pretty demotivating to make an input error after knowing, and saying the correct word aloud. Yeah sure it just means you get more practice, but motivation is a factor that should be considered as well.


I’ve had many frustrating typos. My advice is not installing userscripts or any of that, but using it as a bucket of ice water to make yourself pay more attention. Oh, and screenshot the error and post about it on the forums in the screenshots or complaint threads. Taking out your frustration with a self righteous whinge and getting it off your chest with a post is very cathartic and can even be funny.

I have mistyped things as I’ve read them aloud. I have made all of these mistakes. I can guarantee if there were an option to switch on an ignore button endorsed by the wk creators on the site, I would have done that in one of these moments especially when I was at a low level, and my reviewing sessions to this day would be lazier, and my kanji recognition would be worse. It’s just part of learning.

If you’re making so many typos that it’s holding you back from levelling (ie bringing you below the 90% radical/kanji threshold) then again, you probably should be doing your reviews more carefully. If it’s a single typo that put you below this threshold because you got others legitimately wrong, then maybe it’ll give you some breathing room to better retain the kanji you got wrong before you stack on more lessons.

I am not convinced this is a necessary feature and nothing I’ve read in the forums so far has changed my mind. Typing in answers, and no room for error, are the reasons I paid for a wanikani subscription over anki. (Along with the ordering of material and staged schedule for new material I guess - again a feature for which I accept that Koichi knows more than I do about the learning of Japanese).


Confession time: I used override during my time in WK and went near max speed. I guess my “real accuracy” (read as accuracy if I didn’t use override) was already quite high, but my “official accuracy” ended up close to 100% because I was very generous using the script with meanings (I usually didn’t forgive wrong readings, though).

In retrospect, maybe I was shooting myself in the foot, but I think it had a good effect on me lowering the amount of reviews I had to do and allowing me to keep max speed. I don’t regret it, anyway. I learned what I came here to learn. Maybe I’m just not fond of SRS, since I never could keep doing Anki for more than a week at a time, and since I finished WK I didn’t do any other SRS-based thing.

Anyway, maybe not entirely related to the discussion, but I just wanted to share my personal experience.


I want to add my voice to the side that is happy that no override option comes standard. I also use bunpro, which has an override, and I use it too much. I tell myself I mostly knew that thing, and I really don’t want to see it again, so away it goes. The reason I’m happy to pay for WK as opposed to using anki is the structure and strict format that is hard to get when studying alone. I cringe when I make a silly mistake, but it just makes me remember that item better next time. You can go out and get the function if you really want it, but I’m glad they don’t provide it.