Can we just get a small shake error when we give the right answer to the wrong question?

For instance if I actually type “woman” when it wants 「おんな」 I would love if it just did the small screen shake and let me know that I went a bit too fast (similar to if you use kun or on’yomi readings when it expects the other). My speed-typing and misreading of the question is not really an indication of my true knowledge of the question at hand.

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i have complained abt this myself.
perhaps i could write a scriipt to solve the problem but idk the api so

I’m fairly certain this is already a thing. I just tested it now too

The answer is よろ and the meaning being “Best regards”


Come to think of it, this might be a non-issue for me because of a script I have, since the two of you are experiencing the problem.

I’m using this script

Whether that’s the reason or not, should be helpful as long as you don’t cheat with it


Maybe this error only occurs when you type a word that can be rendered in kana–woman becomes をまん, which WK accepts as an attempted answer (and marks wrong). If you type something that cannot be rendered in kana due to things like consonant clusters, it won’t accept the attempt at all because there are illegal characters in the answer box. At least, that’s what happened when I tested it out just now.


I was thinking that was the case as well. I think it’d take a bit of time unless one of the kind script writers with extra time makes something with good parameters, but maybe something like a search of the set

*n, *a, *i, *u, *e, *o

in the accepted English answers could help pull up English that can be rendered in kana so that they can be coded as a shake warning?


Thanks for the heads up. As others have mentioned, this already exists but only in one direction so far. It would be a good feature though so I’ll bring it up with the engineers.


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