Correct Answer "shaken off" as alternate reading?

So I typed the response へんたい and WK shook the screen indicating it was looking for the on’yomi. Naturally I couldn’t think of it and was confused so I typed ん to see what WK was looking for, and へんたい was shown as the correct answer. Any ideas as to why this happened. (I’ll happily take a link if this has been address, I was pressed for time when writing this and could not do thorough search of the forum)

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Did you have more than one WaniKani tab open in the browser? Sometimes really weird things happen if you have more than one open.

I did not, I was using remote desktop however. :thinking:

First, WK never shakes to request alternate reading for vocabulary words (purple screen) since they have one reading (in most cases). Second, WK does shake if you type japanese when asked for the meaning or if you type western alphabet when asked for the pronunciation in vocabulary items. Third, some times WK goes crazy and refuses to accept the pronunciation (shaking) even if it is correct. In these cases, I reload my browser.


This happened to me once. I just refreshed the page. No idea why it happened.

You have to be extra careful with へ because the katakana ヘ looks almost the same. If you (accidentally) press “shift” (i.e. “He” instead of “he”), the first character will be transformed into katakana.


This happened to me too (on a different word) so I think it might just be a bug.

I believe that the only time vocabulary shakes is when you have written something incomplete, such as “hrんたい” where in this example you would have typed in ‘r’ instead of ‘e’, making the answer box shake because you have english in there.

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Yes, that’s the only way I’ve seen vocab shake as well - unresolved romaji due to typo.

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If you type [space]あいうえお, WaniKani won’t accept it and it will be shaken. Just delete the space.


This one gets me alot too
I forgot to mention it in my post :confused:

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No. There’s a bug. I’ve only encountered it once. The answer was correct, but it wouldn’t submit - just shake. I typed it again, the results were the same. I had to refresh the page.

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I think that might have to do with scripts, maybe reorder script

I don’t use scripts. My WK is as vanilla as it comes.

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I sometimes have this happen when I added a superfluous " " symbol (space) by accident. A bit hard to notice.

What I did when it wouldn’t submit:

1 - erased everything and typed again.
2 - doubled clicked to highlight the entire text area and Backspaced to make sure I deleted everything, then typed the answer again. Still nothing.
3 - doubled clicked to highlight the entire text area again and Backspaced to make sure I deleted everything, then I opened WK in another tab, used search to find the vocab, copied and pasted the answer. Still nothing.

4 - Refresh.

Yes, I’ve seen this happen a few times since I’ve started (although it’s been a while since I last saw it, thankfully). It seems as though there is a script in the background that finishes loading/fetching data/ or whatever, that then overrides (or partially overrides) the currently presented card on screen.

I’ve seen it do what the OP is seeing so it doesn’t accept the answer without shaking, and very occasionally I see it actually replace the currently presented card with something totally different even though I’m still in the middle of answering it! That’s the really annoying one. Weird stuff.

(just to add, I also don’t use scripts during reviews…)

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
This happened to me once. I honestly thought I was losing my mind.


Usually happens when i have more than one review session open. Sometimes I have so many damn tabs open that the rogue review session is buried behind like 50 other tabs :rofl:

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