Can I freeze the SRS and still doing reviews?

I have around 1,100 reviews stacked up, meaning over 2,000 actual reviews that I need to get through, and I’m having a really difficult time getting through them. I would like to freeze the reviews just for a few days or a week so I can just get through my reviews and not have to worry about them piling up. I tried vacation mode, but I’m not able to do reviews in it. Is it possible to freeze reviews in such a way?
P.S. I would really appreciate it if there was a toggle option to show the actual number of reviews, instead of counting the meaning/writing of an item as one review.

Nope. Closest you get is toggling vacation mode when doing reviews. I made a script upon request once that put a vacation mode button on the dashboard, but I don’t know if it still works.


The reorder script can be helpful in such a case.

  1. items by level so that you keep seeing the same items again IF you decide to not stip the SRS

  2. order items so that there is always the meaning and then the reading for the same item. It feels a bit faster and efficient that way. (more like 1000 reviews than 2000)

When I’m in such a situation I save a link to the screen where I can toggle on and off vacation mode and just go there frequently to turn it off before reviews and then back on. But a script sounds nice too.


Try using this script until you hit 0 reviews, then disable it:


I installed it to my script manager but the script isn’t showing up when I visit Wanikani.

Nvm, I was just on the wrong page

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