Can 卯 mean rabbit given the proper context?

I know it’s the rabbit zodiac sign… but if proper context is given, maybe if people see the kanji next to a picture of a rabbit, do they get it? I have no idea… I barely even know any japanese so it’s not surprising ┐(‘~` )┌

Also are 夘 and 卯 interchangeable?

Most Japanese people know the kanji for the Chinese zodiac, so yeah, I think most of them would recognize it from that. But you would be giving it a zodiac context by using that.

I don’t think 夘 is used in Japanese.


Leebo you’re such an OG you always answer my misinformed questions how are you so omnipresent :lizard: :lizard: :lizard:


It isn’t for nothing that people can get Leebo’d on this forum. :wink: (Typing out your answer only to submit and find Leebo got there first with a much more apt and concise answer.)

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