Could you help me identify this kanji?

I am trying to identify this kanji its the one at the right of 猿kanji
its from an old image i have been trying to search by many means but i am not able to find it yet.

Cheers and thank you in advance


It’s probably 轡(くつわ). It means ‘bit’, as in a bit for a horse.

猿轡(さるぐつわ) means ‘gag’, like what might be used to silence a prisoner. The Wiki article for it brings up BDSM almost instantly though. (I meant that as a warning for anyone who might want to search… sorry if that wasn’t clear. And also sorry if it was too much info :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: )

腿脛 though, probably means ‘shin’, though all my search results come up in Chinese for this one.

I’m kinda curious how these two words came up in the same screenshot actually. I don’t see the link.

Searching on jisho, it looks like this one meaning “bit (mouthpiece)”

I think the same as the others. I did a radical search with 糸 and 口, and it popped up.

Thank you so much ! ! Even though i only have a screenshot mouthpiece makes a lot of sense.

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