Cake never tasted this good! (Introduction+level 60 post)

So, hi everyone!

Finally I arrived to the desired level 60! I feel like the journey just began! Everybody whose still racing for the cake, never give up! It completely worth it! :cake:

I look forward to the community discussions, because I finally feel like I can slow down a little. Can’t wait to look for more resources and have a lot of great chats with other Wanikani users here!


I will be forever gratedul for Wanikani because it made it so much easier to understand anime, manga and Japanese music!

Also, I learned to love kanji learning which is surprisingly rare among Japanese learners.

Wanikani community, here I am!

My name is Benedek. I am from Hungary. I started learning Japanese because of anime (surprise, surprise) but I got completely obsessed with the culture and music, afterwards. Wednesday Campanella for life! :heart:

My progress on Wanikani was quite sluggish first but then changed into a really good pace that I am pretty proud of!


Congratulations!! :tada::partying_face::confetti_ball::partying_face:

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Hi Benedek :slight_smile: おめでとうね


Damn, I can’t wait to reach 60 as well, the topic is ready in my head but my current level is not.

On a serious note, it feels like you were fucking around, watched one DBZ episode, turned super saiyan and smashed those reviews until they gave up.



Ohhh, good job and congrats!! :heart_eyes: :tada::tada::yellow_heart:


Thank you! :blush:

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Thanks! :relaxed:

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You are right! :sweat_smile: When I started learning them it was quite overwhelming, but after some time I got used to the load of kanji that came with learning on Wanikani. Also I spent some time in Japan which was a great motivation to speed things up!


Thank you! :smile:


Woah congrats on getting there!! Do you already have any ideas what you will study next? Maybe some reading?

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I quite liked a few of their (I think it’s more than one person?) songs I came across - really unique sound.

Oh and well done! Very impressive. Seeing your early stats doesn’t make me feel so bad about my current pace either. How did you find your rhythm?

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Yes, I will definitely start to read more! I did quite the manga haul while I was in Japan! I think I will be busy with these ones for a long time!


Yes, it is more than one person. It is really unique, indeed! I am glad you like it, too. Which ones do you listen to?

Thank you! I managed to form a habit! That made it so much easier! Here is an article from our Lord and Saviour, himself. I hope it helps you, too. :relaxed:


Woah! That’s a whole bunch of manga! And here I thought my Japanese library of just にゃんにゃん探偵団 was big.

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Very interesting, thanks for the link. Sometimes this stuff seems self evident but I would not have made certain connections myself.

Right off the top of my head, I think the first Wednesday Campanella song I heard was ‘Ghengis Khan’. I also like ‘Shakushain’ - the Ainu references in the song sent me down a Wikipedia hole for hours.

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First of all, congratulations!!! You did great!! Finally, the cake!!

Secondly, I recently read some article written by a ‘benedek’, so your name brought up some school associations that I did not expect to find on wanikani lol

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And thank you for the motivational post.
Enjoy every bite of your cake!! :birthday::birthday: So happy for you.

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I would say something here in Magyar but I do not know how to speak. sorry :nerd_face: :steam_locomotive:
I do want to visit Hungary :hungary: sometime in the next few years. I want to see where Pest ends and Buda begins :face_with_monocle:. And maybe catch the Bela Bartok competition in Debrecen as well. But first, a trip to Japan :jp: like what you did, of course!

It seems you have a lot of reading material to busy yourself with! You are pretty set! Hope to see more of your comments in the various threads here in the forum.

How was the cake? Which one did you get? :cake: :birthday: :cupcake: :fish_cake: :pancakes: :moon_cake:



Yeah, I hope for a great time here, on the forums!

Whenever you visit, please contact me! I will gladly guide you! :smiley:

I wil send a picture if my mom made one

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Thank you so much for the kind words! :slight_smile: