Bye Bye Hard Gay. Hello Saber


Not everyone of course but the media… I hope you get my point sigh



I thought they said ‘Too bad, Hard Gay is here to stay’?



Rin would totally be my choice for a waifu if my Kaori didn’t exist…

Oh wait.



Personally, I don’t really care about the “political correctness” aspect of Hard Gay. It seems most gay people can see the character for the joke that it is/was, so I don’t feel the need to white-knight over that. There are bigger problems in the world.

But I do find the character extremely annoying and I’d rather not have the mental picture of him in my mind. So I’m glad he’s gone.






I for one will miss the Crazy Adventures of Hard Gay though Mnemonic Spacetime, but it’s out of our hands now. I will be forever grateful for his assistance in remembering the on’yomi for “west”, “star” and “correct”.

Vale, our knight in shining PVC.

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I think Hard Gay lost a lot of fans when they found out that he wasn’t gay and was just using the gay stereotypes for comedy. That’s kind of not cool. Plus, there were those videos with the kids…

Anyway, I’m not sure that he said “sei” all that often anyway. It was always “woo”.

And if we’re moving away from pop culture references that people might but not know, then moving away from Hard Gay makes sense.






Wouldn’t this make the mnemonic more memorable. :thinking:

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:joy: :laughing: :rofl: Hello Saber!




It was a weird mnemonic, but for some reason it worked for me. RIP in pepperoni :frowning:



You’re not helping!!! :rofl::joy::rofl:



At this point I’m going to use hard gay anyway, if my little cooked up story contains hard gay or Charlie sheen or mrs chou at this point I barely need to remember the mnemonic story at all to know the reading. Same with kicking someone in the shins, or star trek’s kan coming to ruin my day, or weird genderless ken dolls creeping me out, or the young "gen"eration but pronounced wrong etc. Having all the weird characters connected to reading is so useful at this point that changing it makes no sense when it’s so effective. It just means I’m going to ignore even more of the prewritten mnemonics :woman_shrugging:

As for げき, the only kanji I know that uses it is 劇 so far and I found it easiest to hope that in this little “drama” where the pig and tiger are having a knife fight, the pig doesn’t "ge(t) ki"lled. I’d like to find some “other way” (pronounced あらわ) to “express” (表す) how these kanji “appear” (現れる) for me but … anyways.

Make yo own damn stories. Hard gay lives on in our heart. Even the weird cousin of hardgay with the toothbrush moustache (ぜいぜいぜい anyone?)

Weird post. It’s late. I’m sorry.

PS I think also that finding out that hardgay is a straight man makes it hard to swallow his comedy persona as satire and comes across less as him mocking the stereotype and more of him being pretty much reprehensible, but as a mnemonic I don’t really care about that. Anyways carry on with your silliness.

Edit: dear god so many misspellings and autocorrect nonsense.



I too shall miss Hard Gay. I too was disappointed to discover he was straight, though using the phrase “hard to swallow” simply re-enforces the fact that I’ll still be giggling at sophomoric jokes when I’m eventually abandoned at some nursing home in the future.



Be careful with your sabers…



I didn’t want to belive it… so I checked…



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I must say as a non English native Hard Gay made my life easier. Using “saber” adds and extra step to the process of remembering (is it “sa”, “sabe” or “sei”) that I need to type.

I actually like all the pop references. They stay vividly in my mind more than average words…




I always used Dora the Explorer to remember せい readings, because she’s always going “say whateverword:durtle_the_explorer:

…I’m not sure how well it worked though

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From Heisig

“The aim is to shock the mind’s eye, to disgust it, to enchant it, to tease it, or to entertain it in any way possible so as to brand it with an image intimately associated with the key word. That image, in turn, inasmuch as it is composed of primitive meanings, will dictate precisely how the kanji is to be penned—stroke for stroke, jot for jot.”



But only because they hadn’t been able to come up with a good alternative. And after several suggestions from people, they obviously found that saber works, so they changed it.

Beyond that, I’m a fantasy reader so sabers work fine for me. :3 A nice change to all the long swords always hanging around. :stuck_out_tongue: