Can we put Hard Gay into the 'Old Mnemonics' feature?

I’ve always found that Koichi, Sheen and Hard Gay mnemonics worked really well for me and, from the looks of it a lot of other people too. Thankfully my boy こういち is still alive and well, for now. Sheen can be resurrected by using the handy dandy old mnemonics toggle but I was heart broken to find out that Hard Gay has been sent to the void. :frowning:

To be clear, I don’t hate Saber, some of them are actually really good, but Hard Gay just worked really well for me and it seems like there’s a perfectly good feature for this situation.

Pretty please?

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Can’t you just add it to your reading notes?

You can’t add it to future items that come up in future levels; and that’s the big issue here - the Hard Gay mnemonics for the previous items are well and truly ingrained, so they’ll stay put as Hard Gay forever. But the future ones, which previously would have tucked nicely into the story of Hard Gay, and be nice and easy to remember, are now going to be stand alone new Saber items which don’t fit so nicely in the memory palace.

Not such an issue for me, being relatively new and only having come across a few Hard Gay mnemonics, and so not being too attached to it, but a more challenging one for people whose brains work like mine (we like grouping things together) and who are at a somewhat higher level.

That said, I do find myself making my own Hard Gay mnemonics up for any せい readings I come across so I guess there’s always that option.


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