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“Chapter 6” Auld lang syne (title spoiler)

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Week 27 June 16th “Chapter 6” Auld lang syne (title spoiler)

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I finished playing this last night. It’s not too long - more like side B length I think :thinking: My game still only shows as 60-something percent complete so I’ve got some bad endings etc etc to get still which I might save for a bit.

One accessibility thing - this chapter had sections where there is a visual effect type thing on the screen (not sure really how to describe without spoilers) and reading reviews/comments I have seen a few people say that it gave them headaches/migraines if that’s something they were prone to. It was okay for me but if anyone is worried about that happy to share more detail so you can make a judgement.

About this part Wow. That was wild. I’m really not sure how I feel about it at all. On one hand, the visual effect was really good at adding this uneasy stressful quality to even cute scenes (eg. the birthday party). One the other hand, we got a lot of BIG revelations here, and us seeing things from Adam’s point of view and him being so out of it meant that I felt a bit unsatisfied that we didn’t really get the MC’s side of this (other than the small scene at the end) and see how her (and Luka, forced to relive her trauma in front of all of those people and who seemed to be heavily blaming herself for everything :sob::sob::sob::sob:) dealt with the fallout. Also that Sauli reveal! poor Helvética! I feel like we really got to see how important of a father figure he was to Helvética in his route so then Sauli essentially being like “oh I just like to watch damaged people and Adam is even more damaged than you” must have been such a huge blow :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Anyway, lots of emotions and questions etc etc. Feel like I need some time to process all of the happenings. It’s a good thing that it’s a month and a bit until the sequel comes out :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Wow a lot of things happening in this part, I really want to just keep playing until I’m done! But going to sleep now, so much suspence :astonished:

I got to the point where Adam collapses on the street and is brought to the hospital. So we’ve seen Zora… accusing Adam of killing him… then Adam talking to Zora… or maybe just to himself it seems, due to the brain tumor… Can’t wait for more reveal!


You have much more self control than I did :joy_cat:

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Finished it too :slight_smile:

I enjoyed that there was so much reveal, so much doubt about what Adam did, and the reveal if his motive, the whole thing rather makes sense!
Though I’m still puzzled about who killed Luka and why :thinking: but maybe it doesn’t really matter, whoever from Ruy Lopez…
Mine is at 75% now, and in the Extra scenes I have 3 unplayed, and 2 not yet unlocked, will have to go and complete that!


[quote=“Akashelia, post:5, topic:60995”]
Though I’m still puzzled about who killed Luka and why :thinking: but maybe it doesn’t really matter, whoever from Ruy Lopez…

I think they mention when they are talking about the list of Ruy Lopez names that Luka’s boss is in the list. So I’m guessing that who it was. Still not really an explanation of why he tried to kill her and then never tried again though…


Wow everything was done so fast. I didn’t see that comming. Did not imagine the brother thing would be basically totally unrelated to the rest of the things of the game and the guys would play no part in solving it. Interesting that we were right about Adam being super suspicious but in the end he was defending someone and not being some evil mastermind. Felt really bad for everyone involved since it was basically no one’s fault (but the brother’s) but they all suffered as a consequence.
I agree that the Luca killing from before could have been explained more.
And I didn’t expect Sauri to be relevant again. I thought we’d gotten to know him in Helvs route so now I feel bad.