Burning/Retiring Anki cards

Before WK I used to use Anki a lot and I’ve returned to it for other languages. Back then I just kept all my cards no matter how long the interval (though I set the max to 365 days), but now I’d like to burn them so I don’t see them anymore. It looks like the Card Retirement add-on is outdated, so I’ve been manually suspending cards with an interval of > 1 year. But I’d like to find a way to automatically do this.

Does anyone else have any other ways you burn cards? Do you manually burn them or is there a new way to do it automatically? Do you suspend them or delete them?

Maybe it’s what you’re already doing since you said you’ve been manually suspending them, but you can definitely do it pretty easily through the card browser by just searching for prop:ivl>365 (aka all cards with an interval > 365 days) and using select all + suspend.

If you care about your stats, you probably don’t want to delete them since that removes them from all statistics calculations.

That said, if you don’t change the setting to set the max interval to 365 days to begin with, and instead raise the max interval to something like 365000, you will very quickly reach time frames that are effectively the same thing. I guess if you already did a bunch of cards with a max interval of 365, then you might want to do something about it now to recover from that.

At any rate, as a case in point, I have been using Anki for a very long time and the bulk of my cards from years ago all have intervals of over 50 years, because I raised the default max interval long ago. I never see them and very likely won’t before I die, so there is no effective difference.

Even with the default max interval of 36500, you’re only ever going to see a card (excluding the initial learning phase where you tend to forget it several times) a max of about 12 times in your life. Moreover, once you actually know the card, it only takes a second or two, so it isn’t like you’re saving a bunch of time by retiring them.


Sounds like what I’ve been doing!

Oh yeah I didn’t think about that

Ah to clarify my old deck had the limit of 365 days. I already increased it for my new deck which is just now getting to a year old (not to 365000 but to 600 days).

True, and that was my mindset when I used to use Anki before. Now that I’ve used Wanikani/Bunpro for this long I personally just like the idea of having an endpoint (burning), although I get that they’re essentially burned once the interval gets high enough