Burn items coming in thick and fast

After items in Level 1 to 4 being burned little by little, the next few levels Burn items seemed coming in faster rate. It’s normal I guess, because I remember the review when I started Level 5 - 10 were at similar rate as I was targeting around 10 days completion for every level at the time.

I personally add the Burned vocab into my own anki list, kaniwani style, and practicing retrieving the reading plus the writing, thus the next 1-2 months will be very busy.


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My first burn item review is coming in 5 days, looking forward to FINALLY start to burn them :smiley:
I have no idea if they come in at a faster rate after a while… since you learn kind of the same amount of kanji/vocab per level the amount of burns should kind of remain stable I think?


You can easily see how many reviews of enlightened (or any stage) items are upcoming if you install the Ultimate Timeline user script and configure it to show the next 120 days by SRS stage.

I highly recommend doing this to anyone. It gives you a good visualization of how balanced or clumped your reviews will be.


Kumi’s heatmap can also show this information.

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I keep forgetting that the heatmap does have a review forecast. I use the breeze dark theme with default colors, and even with gradients enabled I still prefer the timeline for looking forward and the heatmap for looking back.

It’s funny, but my brain somehow completely ignores the (diluted color) forecast when I look at my heatmap.

Thank you, I have that installed but I can only select up until 14 days, not 120?

Screenshots of review forecasts with both scripts

Ultimate timeline to forecast 120 days by SRS stage

Heatmap with gradient enabled

I’m using the breeze dark theme for both.

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AH! Totally missed these settings :slight_smile:

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