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I tried Bunpro out recently and am thinking of getting a subscription. I was looking at the SRS intervals which seem really similar to WK and trying to figure out approximately how many daily reviews I will end up with. I have around 200-250 reviews on WK and I would like to have a minimum number of reviews on Bunpro without going so slow that I don’t feel like I am making any progress at all. Could any regular Bunpro users chime in with approximately how many reviews they have in a day? Can I make reasonable progress in terms of actual grammar knowledge without going over 50 daily reviews?

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5-20. .

I’m conscious of this number. As conscious I am with my wk dashboard number and my kitsun dashboard number.

I think this might be better suited in either the 文プロ(Bunpro) : New Grammar + Sale! - Japanese Grammar SRS Study Site thread or better yet, the BunPro forums.

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Thanks a lot.

Yeah, you are right the Bunpro forums are a much better place to ask it. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me; I guess the WK forum is the first place that comes to mind whenever I have any japanese related question.


You will probably get more answers on the BP forums, but I’ll give mine here. I find BP reviews more brain power consuming and I only have rather little time each day to dedicate to WK and BP, so I try to keep BP reviews around 10 a day (I also only do one review session per day). Right now I tend to do a big bunch of lessons/points once every 1.5 week or so, and then I’ll deal with those reviews until they get low again and do new lessons. But my schedule changes every couple of months for BP.

(For reference I keep my daily WK reviews to less than 100 for the whole day, as best I can.)


It does depend how fast you do lessons and how much you know already. I joined Bunpro with near zero grammar knowledge. I completed the n5 lessons in about 3 months, n4 in about 6 months and after another 6 months i am half way through n3 lessons. So thats maybe only doing 3-6 lessons a week? My accuracy is poor and I dont do reviews every day. If I do have a week where I can review every day I have about 30-50 reviews which I can normally do in under an hour. If i bunch them together I might have 150 reviews a week which will take several hours potentially. But for some reason they don’t pile up like wanikani reviews. Even if I do no reviews for 2 weeks I still only have 150ish reviews. Also if I do them every day my speed and accuracy is much better


Bunpro tells you how many reviews you will have the next day on the home page / your profile.
Don’t do new lessons if that number feels too high for you already.
In general, you’ll always need to stop doing lessons for a few days on Bunpro if you don’t want to increase your review count (maybe because of ghost reviews).


I would aim for a number around ~15-25 reviews per day if you’re juggling WK at the same time. Remember, this kind of knowledge cannot be crammed, so long-term consistency is key :slight_smile:

Exactly 20 reviews a day for 365 days would be… 7300 grammar reviews that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. Definitely worth it IMO, if you wanna git gud :wink:


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