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To those of you using Bunpro,

I’m very interested in jumping into Bunpro specifically for the N3 grammar (I passed N4 this year yay!). However, I’m concerned about the time required to keep up with reviews in the same way Wanikani can be rather demanding in terms of time management and balancing time studying from other sources.

Currently I’m focusing heavily on Wanikani and reading/listening on Satori reader. My plan has been to pick up the standard set of JLPT N3 study guides and start working through grammar points there. Bunpro has a lot of appeal though (SRS, having to type in your answers, a community behind it, etc).

Looking for any feedback anyone can provide. Specifically though how much time on average do you spend per day keeping up with Bunpro (on top of other studies)?

Thanks everyone!



I fell behind on Bunpro because I started too much at once, haha. I’d say a single item in Bunpro is probably worth 10-20 items in Wanikani in terms of difficulty and how long it takes to think through. So I’d start at maybe one new item a day and work up from there if that’s too slow for you.

Edited to add: I think it’s also very dependent on how you’re using Bunpro. If you’re reinforcing things you’re already somewhat familiar with, you’ll be able to handle a larger workload than if you’re adding things that are totally new to you. Another issue is that, at the N3 level, you start getting a lot of things that are conceptually very similar (e.g. について vs に関して) so you have to think about nuance instead of just memorizing words. So lower levels are probably easier for that alone.


It’s really not too bad. I worked through all the N5 and N4, and am now adding N3 at three lessons per day M-F. I usually spend less than 15 minutes on my actual reviews for the day.

Lessons are another story. If I do not know the grammar point, I spend time reading about it using the links provided by Bunpro.


I’m still getting into the groove. I unlocked all the N5 material in a short period and was quickly overloaded. BUT a nice feature in bunpro is that you can unlearn items, which kicks them out of the review queue. So I was able to scale back a bit and my queue is pretty manageable now.


YOU CAN? Well I need to go figure out how to “unlearn” because that’s exactly what my problem is right now.

Related: I skipped all the N5 stuff because I felt I knew it well enough. Also, some of that gets tested at the higher levels anyway, since you need to understand things like conjugation in order to apply most N3+ grammar.


If you go to the grammar point’s page, at the bottom of the first (default) tab, there is a button “Remove from Reviews”. It will remove it from your reviews and then you can add it again later.

I assume this resets the items progress but I don’t know for sure.


Ahh, I tried looking there before. I wonder it that’s new? The look has definitely changed since I last logged in. Thank you!


Yes I think that was introduced with the last update in January.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll give it shot by back loading the N4 stuff in smallish chunks and go from there.

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