Bunpro app vs web version

I’ve been trying to study more grammar recently and I’ve heard a lot of things about Bunpro
Yesterday I tried the app and after certain point it told me to continued I’d need to pay for it.
I assumed it was linked to the website + if you had one you had the other (like duolingo) but they’re different price schemes
The bunpro website is $5 (£4.13) per month, $50 (£41.27) a year, or $150 (£123.82) lifetime (idk if they ever have sales like WK but I know there’s that 30 day free trial)
The app on the other hand is £6.99 a month but only £19.99 a year or £29.49 for lifetime

going off these numbers alone, it seems like the app is a way better deal
Does anyone know if the app is missing stuff compared to the web version or any other differences in general?

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I’m not sure I even see pricing on the app. Can you tell me how you got to it?

I did the first category of the JPLT N5 grammar (so desu/desuka/no/janai/mo) and then when I went to the next thing (fundamentals of verbs) it just comes up with a screen showing payment options

Stupid question, but are you sure that’s the Bunpro app? It looks like it might be Bunpo (no r)


Not a stupid question; does not look like Bunpro.


Be careful, that looks like Bunpo not bunpro, former doesn’t have that many recommendations as bunpro

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You can find Bunpro.jp’s official apps on this page: Bunpro Apps - Japanese Grammar Explained | Bunpro


*double checks app name*

My dyslexia strikes again…


Bunpro doesn’t have an app that’s worthwhile, at least it didn’t have one a couple months ago and I don’t think it’s priority. There’s a kinda nice third party one though


so sorry for the confusion everyone :bowing_man:

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they updated the official app and sometimes including some new improvements.

Since I am still waiting for the anki mode (like I use in flaming durtles for WK) I dont use bunpro app frequently. But it is way better now, reliable at least.

Is it still just an in app browser window? That’s probably the worst way to do it

I dont think so, for me it is similar to flaming durtles, it doesnt take you to a web browser embeded.

Does that mean the app still doesn’t have support for vocab decks? Honestly, I would probably prefer if the grammar decks were anki style as well, but… I’ll live with the web app if it’s still that far behind.

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