Bugs while doing lessons


I just noticed 2 weird things while doing lessons.

First, when I am progressing through the lessons, the R, K and V numbers on the right top of the screen count from zero into negative numbers. It’s just a visual issue, I think.


Second, when doing WaniKani lessons on my mobile phone (desktop version works fine), the first set of 5 items (lessons + quiz) are working correctly.
But after doing the lessons of the next 5 items, I always get stuck on the quiz.


The bar is all yellow from the start, and I am not able to confirm my answer. I am able to enter letters, but I am not able to proceed, when trying to press the arrow on the yellow bar.
I think there was no other way then restarting the app. Even still, I am only able to do 5 lessons in one session on my mobile phone.

WaniKani App Version: 1.2.4 (currently at Level 7)
Android Version: 7.0

Android/iOS apps are not made by WaniKani. I’ve never used them myself, but is there any sort of ‘help’ or ‘contact us’ section in the app? Otherwise you’re going to have to hope the developers are paying close attention to the forums.

This error is app specific and we didn’t make the app. You’ll need to contact the app’s creator.