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Long story short, I’m not new to learning Japanese (lived in Japan for 2 years, taught myself for about 2 years before going and can pretty much understand everything except politics and financial talk). I probably read on a N2-N3 level by myself. I just wanted to crunch down on kanji so I turned to Wanikani. However I’d like to burn my first 3 free lesson turtles and wait for the NY sale (could knock myself for not just jumping in and getting it this year (last year?)).

Anyway, my main question is: is there a way to search for kanji you haven’t unlocked yet? Like WK’s official used terms and words? I still study on my own, and I figure using the terms WK uses for studying kanji myself now will help me later when I do get to it on WK. So is there any way to search for kanji info?

Thank you!! I am really liking WK so far :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no, you can’t access any content beyond level 3 without a subscription (and if you try to, you get a nice “Quite the explorer, aren’t you? :heart:” message instead :durtle_the_explorer:)

If it’s feasible for you, you could consider doing the monthly or yearly sub and any remaining amount paid on your account will go towards a further discount when the lifetime sale comes around

I wish you luck with your studies!

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Bummer! But thank you!!!

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