Bring Back "all kanji" view

Do you want to see the “all kanji” view made more easily accessible?

The UI on WK is really throwing me off. There used to be an “all kanji” view that was easy to access but now there’s no button for it and it can only be accessed through a link another user posted here. I’d really like to see that easy access restored.

Why on earth would WK remove one of the most beneficial things on the site? (Yea, I know it made the server slow.)

An example of why I want to access the “all kanji” view quickly:
A radical or something comes up in my review queue and I get it wrong because I haven’t seen it in forever and don’t have the faintest clue what it is. It comes up again a few minutes later but this time it goes to “burned”. Which means it’s basically gone. I can’t unburn it or find it without going through a lot of unnecessary steps. In fact, if I got it wrong, it shouldn’t be going to burned at all.

Other items I have burned will never again appear in my review queue unless I manually go in, hunt them down and unburn them one by one. There really shouldn’t even be a “burned” section. Just longer and longer times between reviews.

Maybe you got both the radical and kanji in the same review session? You got the kanji wrong, so it gets demoted (so, not burned), but since the radical shares the same meaning, as far as WK is concerned you got it right, and it gets promoted (to burned, in this case).

Anyway, if those burned items were in the last review session you did, you can always go check them on the review summary:

Otherwise, to see a list of all kanji you burned, I recommend using WKstats rather than the (now unsupported) tool from WK:
Use the config panel to only show burned items, if you want.

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I made script which adds the links back


The reason they add a Burn state is because they assume you’re also progressing the other parts of Japanese, and will be reinforcing words through reading, listening and speaking, and that you’ll unburn whatever you feel needs another go. :slight_smile:

I think it was in a Tofugu article that they mention that they don’t want people to keep relying on WK, but want them to start encountering the words in the wild through native material.


The review queue seems a bit wonky. I did a bunch yesterday evening. Then a few this morning and saws lot of the same ones. They shouldn’t repeat so soon. I know I got them wrong but this time they went to burn.

I also haven’t added any new kanji in the past month but in that time it tells me I’ve leveled up and gone half way thorough the next level’s kanji.

I think I’m just going to reset the whole thing, again.

Does this work in apps? I never use the browser version.

That sounds like they were not submitted. An item is only submitted once both sides have been answered successfully. If you quit a review session before submitting an item, answers will be kept in the cache for 2 hours, then erased. So, in your case, since you did reviews the next day, they would indeed be erased, putting the item back in a state where you had answered nothing. Two successful answer made the item got to the next level (burn in this case). To prevent that from happening, it’s good to always wrap up a session (leftmost button) instead of directly quitting.

As for leveling up, you probably just got enough kanji to guru. It’s normal that you would be halfway through, since that only accounts for unlocks, not learned items.

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No, but you could always send this feedback to the app creator, in that case

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