Brain Dysfunction

Aye to the people of WaniKani!

I’m sure a lot of people on here can relate with getting readings unnecessarily wrong. It’s so frustrating!

This morning I was doing my reviews (on my phone) and, instead of typing やまのぼり for 山登り, my fingers, which aren’t completely tuned into what my brain wants at all times, typed やまのぼる instead :upside_down_face: The INSTANT before my thumb clicked ‘proceed’ my heart did a backflip… but it was too late. I had clicked ‘proceed’ and got it wrong!!!

That was one of MANY times that I typed a reading in unnecessarily incorrect. I wish WaniKani could (unrealistically) be like "hEy arE yoU suRe abouT thaT oNe?’ Alas, I had to accept the vocabulary’s fate.

On other occasions my brain assumes that I see a certain kanji yet it’s an entirely different kanji. For some reason I’m repeatedly getting 都合 wrong because I keep on reading it as 都会.

If you have any thoughts on this or if you can relate with my plight then comment!

Otherwise, I’d like to say how amazing WaniKani is and that it constantly reinforces my dream of living in Japan one day!

Thank you! :tipping_hand_woman:


just relax. the world does not depend on it.
let it go.
create some stories about items, also known as mnemonics to differentiate them.
still no luck ? shift your focus from wk to something else like writing the items to paper or something…
have a good day.


Obligatory add-ons so you can ‘ignore’ your mistake for things you shouldn’t get wrong.
Also obligatory warning not to overuse it if you do get it (I do not follow this warning sadly).

Also if you use flamingdurtles as your phone app for wk reviews, it’s on there. If it’s not already set then check the settings.


pirouettes into the room
spins towards the window
does the splits
crashes through the glass


yeah, something like that.
wk should flex your brain but not in a bad way. smooth movements is a must :slight_smile:


First of all, Flamingdurtles? I’ve been on WaniKani for nearly a year and I have no idea what that is. I tried looking it up in the App Store on my iPhone but it wasn’t available. Is it only available on Androids?

Second of all, WaniKani refuses to let me access my settings which I find weird but have ignored it for a long time…

P.S. I interchange between my computer and iPhone when doing reviews

Yes flamingdurttles is only available on android. I dont know of any apple alternative. I use an app called WK for wanikani which lets u ignore wrong answers. This might be on the apple store as well but I’m not sure

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Oh I have dyslexia so I type cerativlye ;
I can’t LIVE without a IGNORE option!! D=
I spell so badly at times that I fail the English part, even though I went for the right word, I just spelled it badly enough to get it declined (and there is a certain leeway there!)
I always ignore if I failed a kana that was displayed, even if I put it on purpose (not typo, just brain fart)


For android you have flaming turtles and for ios tsurukame. these are like the unofficial apps of wanikani. In these apps you have the option to mark answers as “correct” even if they were not so you can undo it if you typed it wrong on accident.
The other possibility is to download tampermonkey and scripts to get the undo function for the website.


Dont you think it’s a little harsh on yourself to call the learning process and small mistakes (that you could override with a script if truly knew the answer) “brain dysfunction”? ._.


It bothers me less and less now, even though I might be getting more items wrong because of typos. Sometimes I see that I typed a wrong answer but I just confirm it anyway, especially for apprentice items, or leeches. That’s OK, I already did over 100,000 reviews. A few more is nothing.


When I keep getting similar kanji wrong (which is often, I guess I have eye dysfunction :eyeglasses: :wink: ) I write them out on paper side by side. It really helps me notice their differences (and it gives me a tiny bit of writing practice). I use for looking up the stroke order :+1:


Adding to the advice of installing ignore script, you should also install “confusion guesser” script. It helps to see what did you mix your answer with.

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I have [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x) on desktop and the “ignore typos” setting on the Tsurukame iOS app for times when my fingers type something different to what my brain says.
I usually “say” the readings in my head, so it’s easy to see if it was just a stupid typo because of my clumsy fingers…if my brain “said” it wrong then I leave it wrong and get annoyed at myself :sweat_smile:


Thank you! I got tsurukame for my iPhone. I saw it on the app store before but thought it was some rip-off version of wanikani.

I’m always harsh on myself :joy: I’ll never be good enough in my eyes :woman_shrugging:

You laugh but that certainly doesn’t sound funny…it doesn’t have to be like that


Aww you’re actually so sweet! I’m fine, genuinely. I’ve been like this my whole life and will be forever more! I’m used to it and, honestly, it’s an aspect about myself that I like because it motivates me to be a better version of myself. But thank you for the concern!

A bit off topic, but how does your dyslexia affect kanji/kana? I’m curious if/how it changes things when you’re not using an (incredibly messed up) alphabet.

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I have a type of dyslexia that affects writing more than reading, and it certainly affects Japanese much less! It helps that they actually write it how they say it (Looking at you English! :rofl: )
Somehow my native language, Norwegian, is affected 10 times worse than English, cause we spell close to how we speak, but rarely exact, making it hard to memorize! D=
You gain an instinct to when a word “looks wrong”, but no I lack that shit! That and jumbling letters to a small degree.