Box of Manga!

I just found this while scrolling on my IG. The Box of manga subscription service sends you a box of manga each month based on the difficulty level you choose. Seems like an interesting idea so I was curious if anyone here has tried this service. 30 USD a month doesnt seem too bad depending on how many manga they send but is still a little steep to me.

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Personally, I’d just recommend buying manga you’re interested in, unless you really don’t know what to read. In that case, maybe getting random manga would be helpful.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Wow! I’m gonna wait till I have some more grammar studies under my belt and then give this a go!

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I agree with Sean san.

While you may get one or two good ones, more often than not you might end up with books you might not want to read :sweat_smile:

It didn’t work for me. I didn’t use this service but bought Blind Boxes.

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I tried the service last year and was happy with what I received. The only odd part was the ship time. It took over a month to ship for me (Plus a week or two to arrive) but I believe that was due to a shipping window.

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I am currently subscribed to Box of Manga and enjoy it. You aren’t going to love every manga you receive, but it does expose you to unique series. Also, a big part of learning a language is exposure to material in the target language, this is a great legal reasonably priced option for reading practice. Personally I’m a beginner level, so I receive the manga faster than I read through them, but I do love it whenever I receive a box in the mail.

Also, if you are going for reading practice, I would check out the Zebrack website, they currently have free to read manga series due to COVID 19.

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I don’t think I could do it as I’d hate just random volumes of random manga.
I need to read stuff from the beginning, and then everything if I like it. To get volume 5 of X, volume 3 of Y, etc., and then that be the only part of the series I read, no thanks.


If I remember correctly, they do take volume numbers into account before shipping. So I do not believe you would receive volume 3 before volume 2, etc.


You never get random ones, they ask what manga you already have and if they send you a new series they always start at the first volume.


Hmm, if they always start off with volume 1, that’s not so bad. Still leaves the problem of being a completionist. I’d still be compelled to have to finish all in the series. Plus. I just don’t have time to read as much as I’d like as it is. But still, a cool concept all the same.


Seems interesting, but I would agree with seanblue, it’s better to read what you’re interested in so that you’ll be better motivated.

If you’re worried you wouldn’t know what level the manga is, just google it. For most decently popular manga there should be someone giving advice. Alternatively, if you can’t find anything about the reading, just ask people on the forum.


Or just check a sample, for example on Bookwalker or Amazon.

I also wouldn’t be able to use that service, I already have never-ending backlog as it is and I try not to get interested in every new title that catches my attention. :sweat_smile:


I hadn’t heard of this before but after reading what you wrote, I decided to give it a shot. I agree that the price is a bit high but I’ve struggled to find manga at a good level and am kind of a gacha fiend so, here’s hoping for some SSR Manga Treasure :smiley:


I signed up recently, so it will be a while before I receive my first shipment. I’m pretty excited about it. I’d say I’ll let you know if I love it, but I know myself, and I will definitely forget XD



I got my first box way sooner than I expected. I’m happy with it :slight_smile:


Half of those are former book club reads. Another chapter in the saga of WaniKani’s book clubs shaping the Japanese manga industry. :stuck_out_tongue:


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