Books with vocab lists?

Hello everyone, I have seen some vocab lists for books before such as the Yotsubato& Vol. 1 list (can be found in the book club) and I was wondering are there lists out there for other books, possibly Re:Zero? I ask this considering that it is also on, and the Yotsubato list is really useful. It is also sorted by page number, which just helps so much more.

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These books have a bunch of short stories with vocab lists and some grammar lessons, as their designed for intro japanese learners. I think there are 9 books in the the collection, here’s the first one.

But as for finding a “vocab list” for just any book, I’d also like to know. I have tried reading a couple novels and attempting to look up so many words in a dictionary or translate constantly is really time consuming.


For a light novel, with the digital version and the right software (such as mecab), it probably would be easy to create a vocabulary list.

You’d then need someone with the phsycial book to tell where each page begins/ends (which can be the most time consuming part of the process), and you can split the lists by page.

The alternative is to split by chapter, as that would be easy enough to do with the digital version alone.

Edit: For English translations, a Japanese database could be used, and then a little programming to pull it all together into flash cards. However, a painstakingly long curation process would be needed clean it up for general use.

Edit 2:

For the curious on what the result of automating this could look like, consider the following with Re:zero volume 1’s summary:


If I put this text through such a process (and then filter to just nouns to keep this example short), the result is:

Word Reading English
世界 セカイ the world; society; the universe
召喚 ショウカン summons; summonsing; citation; subpoena; arraigning; calling; summoning
高校生 コウコウセイ senior high school student
普通 フツウ general; ordinary; usual
一般人 イッパンジン ordinary person; member of the general public; non-celebrity
彼 カレ he; him
特殊 トクシュ special; particular; peculiar; unique
知識 チシキ knowledge; information
技術 ギジュツ technology; engineering
武力 ブリョク armed might; military power; the sword; force
わけ ワケ conclusion from reasoning, judgement or calculation based on something read or heard; reason; cause; meaning; circumstances; situation
手 テ hand; arm
能力 ノウリョク ability; faculty
時間 ジカン time
痛み イタミ pain; ache; soreness; grief; distress
死 シ death; decease

This is great, thanks. However I do not have a ebook copy nor the time at the moment even if I had it :slight_smile: Maybe after my finals, it would have been cool if there was some sort of vocab-page database of books… I wonder who went through the trouble of doing this for yotsuba then!

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For Yotsuba&, you have someone who did reading packs for the first two novels, but also if there’s a vocabulary list for the book club here on WaniKani, likely readers in the book club independently fill it out. Either way, it’s a long and time-consuming process with manga due to having to type it all (versus a text novel where you can extract it).

Once all the text from manga is typed, you can opt to manually fill in readings and translations (as seen with book club vocabulary lists here) or use tools (and a little programming to glue them together) to extract vocabulary from sentences (regardless of, for example, congutation and contractions) and put English translations beside each word.

The important part of it all is to clean up the deck if you want anyone else using it to have the best experience with it. That’s one reason why I haven’t shared my ごちうさ volume 1 deck: I’m still cleaning it up here and there occassionally as words comes up to review.

It’d be interesting to see what could be accomplished by a group working together to put a single volume’s vocabulary into a set format able to be imported into SRS applications. Maybe something facilitated via where people are able to suggest corrections and improvements right from the interface.

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For most of the book club books, we just make them as we go.


If you want to read 魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service), the beginner book club read it last year and I am one of several people who put quite a bit into vocab sheets.


You can also nominate books for Floflo (and vote for them if you join the creator’s patreon). If your book wins, they’ll do all the work of creating the (parsed) vocab list for you and give you a convenient place to study it.


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