Books with Fukuiben?

I’ve been reading the 2.43 清陰高校男子バレー部 series which is set in Fukui-ken, and I absolutely fell in love with the dialect. But it’s a relatively unknown dialect (from a relatively unknown prefecture) and サマーサイダー by the same author is the only other book I know that uses it, and I don’t exactly know how to go about searching for more, much less in Japanese.

Does anyone know any books where the characters speak Fukuiben? Whether manga, novel (including but not limited to light novels), even non-fiction. It’s fine if not, and thanks in advance ^^


I asked a Japanese friend, and he researched and came up with this one:

and he said that this manga’s author is well-known for using Fukui-ben.

He also found these:

I have no idea whether the contents is interesting for you though, but maybe you can find something based on the authors.


Arata Wataya in Chihayafuru uses Fukui-ben, but the anime voice actor isn’t doing a genuine version. Apparently to Fukui people, it’s only similar. I don’t know how genuine the dialogue writing in the manga is.


I’m not surprised, considering it seems to have been toned down in the 2.43 anime. There were times watching it after starting the novels where I noticed a line that hadn’t been changed except to make it somewhere between as it had been written in the novel and 標準語.

Though now that I think of it, I dunno how genuine it is in the 2.43 novels, either. Kabei-sensei isn’t from Fukui (rather Nagano, which is in the same region), although there were some short stories written in collaboration with the Fukui Prefectural Exchange and Cultural Affairs Department, plus a chibi 4-koma series and a mini anime series relating to Fukui dialect and culture, so I’m assuming pretty genuine? Kanno’s seiyuu is from Fukui, but I dunno what if anything he’s said about it. I may try and see if I can find anything.

Anyway, Chihayafuru’s been on my vague “want to read/watch” list for a while, so this has bumped it up! I know it’s pretty long though, so I’ll start with the anime to see if I wanna get the manga.

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I’m currently reading 震える天秤, which takes place in Fukui and several people there speak in dialect. I’ve written more on the book’s premise in this post if you’re interested.